The Lion King (2019) Vocabulary and phrases [updated regularly] by Mr.Zaki Badr

The Lion King (2019) Vocabulary and phrases [updated regularly]  by Mr.Zaki Badr
Learn English from the Movies English Course by Mr.Zaki Badr
Learn English from the Movies English Course by Mr.Zaki Badr

Are you excited?  -Yes,you 're. I'm excited to teach you some English vocabulary that are used daily.No need to memorize - just practice. As you know, everyone says practice makes perfect.This topic is updated regularly. The first movie I'm going to teach you some phrases and vocabulary from is  The Lion King (2019)

The lion King 2019
The lion King 2019

Let's get started. First of all, let me introduce to you: 'The Lion King' Official Trailer (2019) | Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Beyonce

English vocabulary and phrases that you're going to learn today 26-3-2020

  • Despair meaning
  • They are begging for scraps meaning
  • a way out meaning
  • Idioms   on the way out meaning 
  • the drill meaning
  • genuflect  meaning
  • Mingle   meaning
  • commoners  meaning
  • slip my mind  meaning
  • turn your back on somebody/something   meaning
  • expel  meaning
  • woodpecker noun  meaning
  •     Concussed (adj.)  meaning

Despair noun [ U ]

the feeling that there is no hope and that you can do nothing to improve a difficult or worrying situation:

a mood/sense of despair

They are begging for scraps: 

                          to want little things 

We both want to find a way out.

Away out: a way of escaping from a difficult situation

                           She was in a mess and could see no way out.

Idioms   on the way out  means : 

                           as you are leaving
​                          going out of fashion

the drill

 [singular] (old-fashioned) the correct or usual way to do something

 genuflect verb

genuflect verb  /ˈdʒenjuflekt/ :

​[intransitive] to move your body into a lower position by bending one or both knees, as a sign of respect in a church

Mingle , commoners

Mingle , commoners


 verb​[intransitive] to move among people and talk to them, especially at a social event


a person who does not come from a royal or noble family

slip my mind

if something slips your mind, you forget it or forget to do it

turn your back on somebody/something 

​to reject somebody/something that you have previously been connected with

Expel (v.)

​expel somebody (from something) to force somebody to leave a country

woodpecker  noun

a bird with a long beak that it uses to make holes in trees when it is looking for insects to eat

Concussed (adj.)

unconscious or confused for a short time, because of an injury to the head


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