Online English Courses for an immigrant to the USA| learn English

Online English Courses for an immigrant to the USA 

Online English Courses for an immigrant to the USA
Online English Courses for an immigrant to the USA

Some immigrants think just by traveling to the USA, they will speak English fluently. This is not what happened. I've given online English Courses to immigrants living in the USA. They barely can make simple conversations about what to eat and drink or buy something from the supermarket. But when they talk to native English speakers, they face difficulties to understand what they meant.

If you are an immigrant to the USA, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom, you might have taken online English courses before or you should online English courses now. They are not expensive. If you study English or any major in Canada, the USA, Australia, or the UK, then you may have taken IELTS or TOEFL or another test to measure your level of  English. These countries don't want you to struggle when you first go there. That is why they want to make sure you have a good level of English.

Some immigrants take a long time to be able to speak English in the countries we mentioned above. So, it's not an easy mission. My advice to you is to be ready before traveling and make sure your level of English is at least upper-intermediate. You may use these links to test your English. Take the tests below to learn English and improve it.

How to test my English level?

How to test my English speaking skill?

You may take one class with Mr. Zaki to test your English speaking and/or writing.

What should I know before immigrating to the USA?

Ask yourself a question: are you going to immigrate to the USA for studying or working?
many people think they will find hot-offer jobs with high salaries once they land on--that is not what happens. To be able to work legally in the USA, you need to have a working VISA. There are a variety of Visa types you need to check before immigration.

What If I want to study in the USA? What should I do then?

First, you should contact the university you want to study at. They will give you the necessary details about what kind of English tests you should do. They will ask for IELTS or TOEFL. They want you to get at least band 7 which is equivalent to C1 advanced. Some universities might ask for band 6.5 which is upper-intermediate level. So, this is a very important issue to consider.

Should I have a passport to immigrate to the USA? 


Check our sample classes:


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