Three sentences must be written in the IELTS exam for Band 7+

Three sentences must be written in the IELTS exam for Band 7+

Three sentences must be written in the IELTS exam
Three sentences must be written in the IELTS exam

Three Sentence structure types for IELTS

Three sentences must be written in the IELTS exam
a simple sentence, compound sentence, and complex sentence
If you write the three sentences, you will get a higher band of at least 7 and above
Writing for IELTS, you will be given two tasks 
Task 1 and Task 2
If you are taking general IELTS, Task 1 will be easier for you to do, just writing  a letter
But for academic IELTS, task 1, is to describe what you see. Thus, you need more skills to do it.
Task 2 in general or Academic IELTS is  the same
However, the topic in general IELTS will be related to life experience while in Academic will be about  academic topics such as plantation in dessert,...etc

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Why taking IELTS is important?

IELTS is International English language Testing System; it measures your language. It is an indicator that tells the examiner your level in speaking, reading, listening, and writing. A lot of students ask the same questions. Is IELTS important for immigration? -- yes. Also, if you want to study in top universities, you need to take the IELTS exam.

How to prepare for IELTS?

you need to know-- it takes time. To achieve a higher score in IELTS, the test taker's level should be advanced. You need to have good materials such as Collins, Barron's, and Cambridge tests for IELTS. If you need any of those, contact us through our Facebook page: Learn Special English. Remember, distracting yourself with lots of resources is a mistake. Preparation might take up to 6 months or more if your level is intermediate. However, if your level is advanced, it might take up to 3 months to be ready for IELTS. The resources and materials stated above are good to help you prepare for the IELTS exam. They give you instructions on how to do self-study. Although this is not good for your ability to write or speak, they will help you in reading and listening mostly.

When to take an IELTS preparation course?

If you are at an intermediate level, and want to improve your language to travel to New Zealand, Canada, or applying for a job interview in many countries-- you must take both language and IELTS courses altogether. Isolate yourself a little from family and focus on education. Having a language exchange partner to practice on a daily basis is crucial and important. The test taker must use complex language, not just simple words.

Do companies, schools, and employers ask for IELTS?

Some do, yes. They check your CV. When they see IELTS included in your CV with a higher score, this gives them an impression that you are a professional English teacher and have high proficiency in the English language.

Where to take the IETLS?

IDP or British Council are the most popular centers that offer IELTS tests both paper-based and computer-based.

How long is IELTS valid?

It is valid for two years. Then you should do it again if you want to have an immigration VISA or just study worldwide.

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