Online English Instructor available vacancy 2021| teach English

Online English Instructor available vacancy 2021 

Online English Instructor available vacancy 2021
Online English Instructor available vacancy 2021

If you want to apply for a job at Learn Special English, you should have the following:

  •  a neutral accent (American or British is preferable )
  • Your English level should be at least within this range: B2 to C2 advanced. You'll receive two links to test your level.
  •  1 year of   teaching  online experience  (kids and/or adults) is preferable
  •  holding TKT/TESOL/TEFL/CELTA/DELTA or a master degree in English is preferable
  •  Excellent quality of the camera (Logitech HD 1080 or other similar cameras) and a laptop or PC.No teaching is allowed using a mobile phone unless it's a conversation course only. 
  • Excellent quality of internet (1MB+ upload and 4 MB+  download).
  • Graphic tablet to write on the virtual board(using a mouse is a waste of time). You may check this video about an example of the graphic tablet: Huion H420. It's cheap and suitable for the teaching process.
  •  Make mobile data available in case the DSL internet cuts off
  •  40 EGP/hour as a start and up to 100 EGP/ hour. (it varies based on students' interests in taking courses with you, there's a bonus if you do well)
  •  You may call it a freelancing job.
  •  The system is much like Italki and other platforms, but the only difference is that we'll invest our money in you to make ads to have students study with you. So we are responsible for helping you have students to teach. However, students choose their teachers. we will put your promotional video here
promotional video placement
promotional video placement


If you agree with the statements above, you could leave your CV at our INBOX. We are looking forward to meeting you soon.

The process of hiring a new English instructor at Learn Special English:

  • Two tests are given to make sure your level of English is at B2(upper-intermediate) or  above
  • The online interview will be held at Zoom Cloud Meeting. If you haven't downloaded it yet, please do it through this link. It will be recorded for further observation and to give you accurate feedback. 
  • You can conduct the interview using your mobile phone. If so, you need to install the Zoom Cloud Meeting app
  • After passing the interview, you will be asked to prepare a demo that is how you're going to teach English to students. Details of the demo will be given to you once you pass the interview.
  • After passing the demo, you will be requested to make a promotional video from one to 3 minutes for advertising and promotions. The details of how to make the video promotional video are on this topic 

The benefits of working at Learn Special English:

  • flexible teaching hours of your choice.
  • teaching adults or kids is your choice.
  • 40 EGP/hour as a start and up to 100 EGP/hour
  • feedback and observation on your teaching styles, and helping you to improve, are our responsibilities. 
  • We will help you with lesson plans. If needed, we will give you the lesson plans to follow if you are new to the teaching field.
  • working from home
  • flexible payment methods such as Vodafone Cash or National Bank of Egypt
  • Your promotion video will be seen by thousands of people, and we will pay for that.

Do you want to set your own hourly rate?

If so, you should pay for your own marketing campaigns that we will do for you.

What does Learn Special English earn if they market other teachers?

we will take a percent from the revenues so you won't lose the money you invest. On the contrary, you will get what you pay for, and if possible based on the performance of the campaign, you will share the revenue.

Why should we trust you?

Because you can invest your money as small as 500 EGP. The results of the campaign will be shared with you using screenshots including time, date, number of messages sent to us.

Can anyone invest in Learn Special English?

No, only the selected teachers meet the criteria above.

Why does not everyone invest his or her money?

because when we choose you to be on Learn Special English teaching platform, you will represent us.  So, we want to ensure all teachers that work with us provide the same quality.

Do you still have some questions?

If so, message us throgh WhatsApp: +20 1027871551  or our Facebook page : Learn Special English





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