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free online English speaking club on Zoom

free online English speaking club on Zoom
free online English speaking club on Zoom

A lot of students want to practice and speak English for free because they do not have enough money to pay for paid services. So, how can we do that together? More information is written below.

This service is offered by Learn Special English by Mr.Zaki 
To register in this free service, all you need to do is as follows:

* subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/EnglishChannel1
*subscribe to our YouTube Channel (only English):  https://bit.ly/LearnSpecialEnglish1
* Write your email by filling out the form below to receive the link to join our English conversation club on Zoom. 

How to register in the conversational English-speaking club on Zoom?

Register Now by filling out this form through the link below: --write your email only once.


+ The dates and times will be sent with the link to your email before we start the English conversation club on Zoom each day.

+ You may install Zoom (Android app)  on your mobile phone from this link:

or download it onto your PC or laptop:

+ Please note: 

  • This is a free English conversation club, not a language course. The purpose of it is to help you practice the language you already know. 
  • However, if you want to take a language course, you may contact us through: WhatsApp/Zalo/WeChat: +20 1027871551   or Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Learn.Special.English
  • The free sessions of the English conversation club might be live on Facebook and recorded.

+ check our free lessons on our website: 

+ Donation (optional):

If you want to help us do this service many times, we will be pleased to receive your donation.
2.28 USD (2 dollars and 28 cents)  (you may pay through VISA/MasterCard...)
or you may send any amount you like via PayPal:  zaki_money@yahoo.com

+ Rules to follow:

  •  No religious talks
  •  No political talks
  •  Be friendly
  •  Respect all members. 
  • Please don't interrupt the conversation unless you've been given permission to talk. We'll give a chance for everyone to listen and talk to each other.
  • This is not for dating
  • Since it's a multinational group, only the English language is allowed

Students have asked these questions, and we are glad to answer them:

How are we going to speak English on Zoom?

It's very simple. we will make breakout rooms for each level of you: intermediate, beginner, and advanced students. It's not a class. These language rooms designed to let you practice and speak the language you already know. The participants are from different countries. They might be from the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and other countries as well.

What languages are allowed by the host?

Since it's English speakers circle, we allow only English to be used. However, in the language exchange group, we allow the users to exchange their language freely with a partner. You may check our free online English language partner on WhatsApp.

When are the meetings held?

They will be held according to Egypt's time zone. We will send messages to your emails, to all who have registered in our free online English speaking club on Zoom

What about the time zone difference between countries?

You may check the time zone of Egypt and your country through this website:

How to check the time zone of Egypt and my country? 

follow the pictures: 
free online English speaking club on Zoom
free online English speaking club on Zoom

write Cairo, then you will  the real-time of Cairo now:

free online English speaking club on Zoom
free online English speaking club on Zoom

Then write your country (for example Vietnam ) 

free online English speaking club on Zoom
free online English speaking club on Zoom

Is it an international group to practice speaking English online for free?

Yes. You might be able to meet up with a native English speaker virtually.

How many hours will be spent each time with the English-speaking partner online?

It will be one hour

Is it only audio chat or video chat or both?

It is both. However, you can connect your video or not based on your preferences.

Can I find a language exchange partner on Zoom?

Yes, check this topic: language exchange partner on Zoom.

How to use the 60 minutes when I attend this conversation club?

You need to practice your English language skills including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Since it's not an English course in which the classes are designed to help you practice the four skills of English, so we will focus on programs that are professional to help ESL learners speak English.

Can I register or join to practice speaking English online for free more than one time?

You only register your email one time. All those who have registered will receive an email that contains the times and dates of our upcoming English-speaking club on Zoom.

How to be fluent in the English language?

If you are at an elementary level, you need to start to take a lesson live on Zoom. Find a good tutor with good prices to help you in the English language.

Are there free sites and resources that are common to improve my grammar or speaking skills?

Yes, Learn Special English has a big language library on the blog to help you write a good sentence. Also, we have excellent language tutors.

Can we just play a game to learn the language without paying fees?

Yes, by playing games online, you have a unique style of learning by British native speakers or American ones who play games online. By searching, you may find good people to talk to. It starts in a game, then with a good headset, you will find the good pal to talk to.

How to improve my accent?

listen a lot. We have clips that are highly recommended such as ted talks that provide different situations dedicated and interactive for language learning. That's wonderful, isn't it?

    What are the best pieces of advice to learn English and speak English like a native English speaker?

    • different levels need to have friends help them with issues related to language learning. To do well in communication, if you are a beginner, you need to use suitable materials. People should have fun while learning or teaching lessons online.
    • A good teacher knows how to conduct sessions online whether he or she is from London or his or her nationality is Canadian or American.
    • Students need to recognize their errors or mistakes made in the English language carefully.
    • Students need to discuss different topics, not just the same boring topic: what's your name? where are you from? 
    • You need to study English every day to improve your pronunciation. This will give you an opportunity to be understood. Your message will be clear.
    • It is very good to watch English movies with subtitles. This will give you many ideas and vocabulary. 
    • Finding serious learners and partners. I mean, they like to learn and speak English every day.
    • To continue learning, you need to have motivation; it will be a great assistant to you in language learning.
    • During the quarantined time, it's better to take advantage of online platforms such as Zoom to speak in real-time with a person with a camera to make it more effective.
    • Reasons for learning a language are many. One wants to learn English for playing the piano. Thus he or she will be able to understand the courses they are taking.
    • " easier said than done," someone said so, I'd tell you when you interact and do speaking every day, this will be really good.
    • Practice, Practice, and practice conversations and spoken English every day, especially with teachers.
    • If you are a teacher, then teach English on Skype or Zoom. Actually, teaching is a form of practicing the language as a freetalk, you learn when you speak.

    Our latest English conversation club on Zoom on April 2nd, 2021

    Paid online one-to-one or group English classes:

    Since the English free-speaking club on Zoom is free, we don't do it every day. However, you might be interested in our Paid Online English courses as well
    Click on the following link to get to know more about the services we offer:  Online English Courses

    Mr.Zaki Badr
    Mr.Zaki Badr
    My name is Zaki Badr. I am an online English teacher. Contact me on WhatsApp/Zalo/WeChat: +20 1027 87 1551 I have been teaching English since 2011( to kids and adults. English teaching certificates that I got : *TESOL Certificate, Arizona State University, USA, December 2018. *TEFL Certificate, London Teacher Training College OFQUAL regulated, London, June 2021.


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