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Ah /ɑː/ sound as in car in American accent-Lesson 2 with Mr.Zaki

Ah /ɑː/ sound as in a car in American accent-Lesson 2

Ah /ɑː/ sound as in Father in American accent course- Lesson 2 Remember this lovely rule, it will help you a lot in identifying the sound. If you have consonant + ar or consonant + ar + consonant
'a' is usually pronounced ah in those cases as in Far,car,bar, farm...etc Let's watch the video and learn

Mr.Zaki Badr
Mr.Zaki Badr
My name is Zaki Badr.I am an online English teacher. Contact me on WhatsApp: +201027871551 I have been teaching English  since 2011. English teaching certificates that I got : *TESOL Certificate, Arizona State University,USA, December 2018.