BloodShot Movie with English subtitles 2020

Learn and Practice English with Movies,title: (Lesson #5) Title: BloodShot
Learn and Practice English with Movies, title: (Lesson #5) Title: BloodShot

Watch and repeat to learn more:

In this movie, you're going to learn the following:

drop meaning

all right  meaning

take it easy  meaning

back off  meaning

back down  meaning

stand down  meaning

Roger that

gotta  meaning

drop(v) : 

to fall or to allow something to fall
Ex: drop your gun.

All right: 

 that means  I will do as you say.

Take it easy:

 rest, relax or be calm

Back off (phrasal verb) (also back down) :

to admit you were wrong, or to stop supporting a position
​to move backwards in order to get away from somebody/something frightening or unpleasant
to stop threatening, criticizing or annoying somebody 
Back off! There's no need to yell at me.

Stand down(phrasal verb):

stand down (as something) to leave a job or position

Roger that:

 means I  heard what you said.

Gotta (got to) 

 here means you have to give me your phone.


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