Midway 2019 with English subtitles

Midway 2019 with English subtitles
Midway 2019 with English subtitles

Midway 2019 is about the war between the US and Japan. Let's watch the movie,and learn some vocabulary and phrases

In this article, you're going to learn the following vocabulary:

  • Trick  meaning(n., v., adj.,)
  • Assistant  meaning (n., adj.)
  • Naval  attaché  meaning(n.)
  • Potential meaning  (n., adj.)
  • Adversary  meaning(n.)
  • Rumor meaning  (n., v.)
  • Prime minister  meaning (n.): ​the main minister and leader of the government in some countries
  • Nationalist meaning (n.,adj.)
  • Moderate  meaning(n.,v.,adj.)
  • Target meaning (n., v.)
  • Assassination meaning (n.): the murder of an important or famous person, especially for political reasons
  • Crossroads meaning (n.)
  • Embolden meaning (v.)
  • Invasion(n.) meaning : the act of an army entering another country by force in order to take control of it
  • Eager (adj.) meaning
  • Threaten meaning (v.) to say that you will cause trouble, hurt somebody, etc. if you do not get what you want
  • Drastic measures meaning ( noun phrase)
  • Pass something along to meaning  (send this information to)
  • Don’t push us into a corner meaning (from the context, don’t make it harder )
  • Carry the day  meaning(carry the day: WIN, PREVAIL       Truth and justice will carry the day.)

Trick noun meaning

something to cheat somebody
 something that you do to make somebody believe something that is not true, or to annoy somebody as a joke
They had to think of a trick to get past the guards.
The kids are always playing tricks on their teacher.
Idioms     a bag/box of tricks
​(informal) a set of methods or equipment that somebody can use Hotel managers are using a whole new bag of tricks to attract their guests.
be up to your (old) tricks
​(informal, disapproving) to be behaving in the same bad way as before
He had soon spent all the money and was up to his old tricks.

Assistant meaning  noun

a person who helps or supports somebody, usually in their job
My assistant will now demonstrate the machine in action.
a senior research assistant
She works as a care assistant in an old people's home.

Naval meaning  adjective

​connected with the navy of a country a naval base/officer/battle
the country’s naval forces

attaché  meaning  /ˌætəˈʃeɪ/

a person who works at an embassy, usually with a special responsibility for a particular area of activity

A naval attaché  meaning

 is somebody who works at an embassy (They are connected to the navy of a country)

Potential  adjective meaning

​that can develop into something or be developed in the future
potential customers/buyers/investors/clients
the potential benefits of European integration
 possible when the necessary conditions exist:
A number of potential buyers have expressed interest in the company.
Many potential customers are waiting for a fall in prices before buying.

possible but not yet achieved:
He was eager to talk with potential customers.

Adversary noun meaning

a person that somebody is opposed to and competing with in an argument or a battle
his old political adversary
The British considered him a worthy adversary.

an enemy:
He saw her as his main adversary within the company.

Rumour noun meaning

a piece of information, or a story, that people talk about, but that may not be true
to start/spread a rumour
 rumour of something 
There are widespread rumours of job losses.
 rumour about something Some malicious rumours are circulating about his past.
 rumour that… I heard a rumour that they are getting married.
Rumour has it (= people say) that he was murdered.

Rumour verb   be rumoured  meaning

to be reported as a rumour and possibly not true
 it is rumoured that… It's widely rumoured that : she's getting promoted.
 rumour to be/have something : He was rumoured to be involved in the crime.

Nationalist  noun  meaning

​a person who wants their country to become independent
leading a nationalist uprising

Nationalist   adjective meaning

wanting your country to become independent
the nationalist movement/party

(sometimes disapproving) loving your country very much and being very proud of it; feeling that your country is better than any other

nationalist sentiments
Sentiments: a feeling or an opinion, especially one based on emotions

Moderate adjective  meaning

that is neither very good, large, hot, etc. nor very bad, small, cold, etc.
students of moderate ability
Even moderate amounts of the drug can be fatal.
Fatal: very serious and having an important bad effect in the future:
He made the fatal mistake/error of believing what they told him.

having or showing opinions, especially about politics, that are not extreme moderate views/policies
a moderate socialist

Target  noun meaning

a result that you try to achieve
to meet/hit a target
an object, a person or a place that people aim at when attacking
They attacked military and civilian targets.
 target for somebody/something
 Doors and windows are an easy target for burglars.

Target  verb to aim an attack or a criticism at somebody/something target somebody/something 
He accused the group of deliberately targeting civilians.
The company has been targeted by animal rights groups for its use of dogs in drugs trials.

Crossroads noun meaning

a place where two roads meet and cross each other
At the next crossroads, turn right.

Idioms    at   a/the  crossroads meaning

​at an important point in somebody’s life or development We are standing at an important crossroads in the history of Europe.
I knew I was at the crossroads of my career.

Embolden verb meaning

​[usually passive] (formal) to make somebody feel braver or more confident
be) emboldened by something
 Emboldened by the wine, he went over to introduce himself to her.
 be emboldened to do something 
With such a majority, the administration was emboldened to introduce radical new policies.

Eager(adj.) meaning

​very interested and excited by something that is going to happen or about something that you want to do; showing this
eager crowds outside the stadium
 eager for something 
She is eager for (= wants very much to get) her parents' approval.
 eager to do something 
Everyone in the class seemed eager to learn.
They're eager to please (= wanting to be helpful).

Drastic  adjective meaning  :

​extreme in a way that has a sudden, serious or violent effect on something
drastic measures/changes
The government is threatening to take drastic action.
a drastic shortage of food
a drastic reduction in their standard of living
Talk to me before you do anything drastic.


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