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Short stories for kids - The Good Boy By Mr.Zaki

Short stories for kids - The Good Boy By Mr.Zaki

Short stories for kids - The Good Boy By Mr.Zaki
Short stories for kids - The Good Boy By Mr.Zaki
While John was sleeping like a baby, the telephone rang. The sound of it was not music to John’s ears. It was an unusual day for John to wake up early in the morning, he always sleeps late thinking about the marvelous things he did in his day, walking in the street, looking at the fascinating trees swaying because of the wind. He seemed to be very sleepy that he couldn’t hear the telephone; he didn’t have an interminable night sleep. John usually walks in unique places. He usually walks in the forest when he is sad.  There was someone knocking on the door, hard! It might be a thief, a dangerous man wanted to robber John’s house, John was a little frightened that he couldn’t take his breath. The boy was still sleeping; he dreamt of a beautiful girl, sitting near the forest, and her eyes were blue like the color of the clouds in the morning. She might be the girl whom he was with yesterday in the park where the trees and flowers everywhere look like heaven. He used to talk to her a lot in the park, they always felt happy when they were together; they never wanted to be apart. It came a day that made John and Jessy apart. She left home for some time and walked somewhere thinking that might help her relieve until she came to the forest. While She was walking in a black forest; every place in there was dingy; she was frightened because of the scary sounds of a monster she couldn’t see. It looked like inhuman, selfish, harmless but loathsome, and hideously serpentine. Its eyes were big, dark, looked like a demon. Its sounds were loud and fearsome, it scared the girl to death; she was in the middle of nowhere, her breath becomes lower, her heart beats slower because of that moment. She hoped that John was here to rescue her after all they had loved each other. It tries to come closer to her; she shouted out loud, ‘help’ ‘help’ somebody ‘help’. John heard her sound and ran to her. Without a doubt, he didn’t think of himself that he might die because of the monster. However, he just wanted to save her. He grabbed a metal from the ground, hit the monster on his head, attacked it so hard that the monster lost consciousness, but it didn’t die. When John saw Jessy, his heart beats like a drum, his soul danced like the first time they saw each other. Jessy was happy to see John again after all this long time they were apart. She told him, ‘I missed you so much that my eyes couldn’t blink; tears drop like rain, and my heart was hurt. He told her, ‘ I missed you too, Jessy’. I know we must have been crazy to leave each other so easily; we should be together from now on. Jessy says,’ we need to get out of here before this demon wakes up’. John says,’ yes let’s run so fast, I hope it can’t reach us, even if it did, we’ll live or die together. While they were running in the forest, trying to get back home, thinking of that bad monster, their legs trapped into a hole made by the monster. The monster still sleeping. Luckily, they made it, got out of that trap before the monster wakes up. They went home.  ‘goodbye’ ‘ I will see you soon John ‘  ‘thank you for being there for me’, Jessy said. ‘I’ll never be away again, I will always be here for you, near you, whenever you need me, you’ll find me. While John going back home, he had to cross the same road, through the forest to his house. The monster wakes up, his eyes were red like hell, it was so angry that it wanted to kill John. Luckily, John’s mother wakes him up. John’s safe and sound as well as Jessy.

Written by: Mr.Zaki Badr
All copyrights reserved.
You're not allowed to copy it and post it anywhere else without the permission of the writer.
My name is Zaki Badr.I am an online English teacher. Contact me on WhatsApp: +201027871551 I have been teaching English  since 2011. English teaching certificates that I got : *TESOL Certificate, Arizona State University,USA, December 2018.