Online English Conversation Course -Topic: Food & Eating part 1 with Zaki

Online English Conversation Course -Topic: Food & Eating part 1 with Zaki

June 22nd,2020
Online English Conversation Course - Topic: Food & Eating part 1 with Mr.Zaki 
 Today's English class is about American accent and phonetics: /æ/ 
The rule is  consonant+ a + consonant (many words follow that rule)
for example: cat,bat,fat,man,sand,that,have,has,had,...etc
Also we made a revision on: 
/a:/ sound as in car,bar,far
The rule is  the words that usually have  Consonant +ar
                                                                    Consonant +ar+consonant

/eɪ/    the rule is  words that contain -ai ,  -ay   , a+consonant+e 
for example:  fair,air, play,okay,fate,gate,...etc

also we have talked about stressed can and unstressed can
I can do it.  (unstressed can)
I can't do it. (stressed can to show the negative)

also we talked about the two pronunciation of 'the'  for example  the book or the apple 
we tend to remove the g sound when there 'n' before it 
for example going (it's pronounced as goin*) ,playing,kidding,...etc

also in fast speech we don't say how are you? but we say, how r ya ? 

How to say did you?  want you?   d /j/ makes /dʒ/ as in July , 
t+/j/  makes  tsha sound as in I want you to do it.

we also link vowels to consonant as in  do it   to link 'o' with 'i' we put 'w' sound  as if we said, d wit 

Cutting out  - we remove the g to link the n to the vowel 'o' 

Dialogue 1-7: Can You Say That Again? 
Dialogue 1-8: Coincidences 
Dialogue 1-9: Weather Report 

Phrasal verbs related to food
Topic 3: Food & Eating
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