6 Best recommended English and American Dictionaries 2020

6  Best recommended English and American Dictionaries 2020

6  Best recommended English and American Dictionaries 2020
The Best recommended English and American Dictionaries 2020

Oxford learners dictionaries

Oxford learners dictionaries in which you're going to see the words pronounced in British and American accents.Also it has the uses of the word given. It tells you whether it's a noun,verb,adjective,or what.
Also it has nearby words which mean words that may have similar meaning to the word given.Oxford Learner's Dictionaries Word of the Day is really great. Every day, it gives you a new word,and also tells you what level this word is at (B1 intermediate,B2 upper-intermediate,...etc)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

6  Best recommended English and American Dictionaries 2020


in which you're going to find American pronunciation of the words. Experts have been working on this dictionary since 1828.It has also word of the day.It has lots of uses of the given word.It includes thesaurus: Synonyms & Antonyms of a given word.For example, if you write the word good,you will find the following:

Synonyms & Antonyms of good (Entry 1 of 3)

1based on sound reasoning or information
had enough information to make a good assessment of the situation

Synonyms for good

commonsense, commonsensible, commonsensical, firm, hard, informed, just, justified, levelheaded, logical, rational, reasonable, reasoned, sensible, sober, solid, valid, well-founded

Words Related to good

actual, real, true
certain, sure
certified, validated, verified
confirmed, corroborated, substantiated
cogent, convincing
colorable, credible, plausible

Near Antonyms for good

unsubstantiated, unsupported, unwarranted
flimsy, implausible, unconvincing, weak
fallacious, false, misguided, misled

Antonyms for good

groundless, illogical, invalid, irrational, nonrational, nonsensical, nonvalid, unfounded, uninformed, unjustified, unreasonable, unreasoned, unsound

and a lot more.

6  Best recommended English and American Dictionaries 2020
The Best recommended English and American Dictionaries 2020

Cambridge Dictionary

In Cambridge Dictionary, it has English--English, and English-- Arabic which I think it's very good for beginner students who live in the Arab world looking for a way to translate the words. Remember the translation method isn't always a good idea. So, it's better to use English-English dictionary whenever possible.It also includes English–Turkish,Essential British English,Essential American English, Bilingual Dictionaries
 English–French dictionary,
 English–German  dictionary,
 English–Indonesian  dictionary,
 English–Italian   dictionary,
 English–Japanese  dictionary,
 English–Polish  dictionary,
 English–Portuguese  dictionary,
 English–Spanish  dictionary,
Semi-bilingual Dictionaries,
Dutch–English dictionary,
English–Arabic  dictionary,
English–Catalan dictionary,
English–Chinese (Simplified),
English–Chinese (Traditional),
English–Czech dictionary,
English–Danish dictionary,
English–Korean dictionary,
English–Malay dictionary,
English–Norwegian dictionary,
English–Russian dictionary,
English–Thai  dictionary,
English–Turkish  dictionary,
English–Vietnamese  dictionary,

Moreover,it has both American and British pronunciation with the transcript (phonetic symbols)
It has a translator:  https://dictionary.cambridge.org/translate/    which is really good for beginners.
I think it's better than Google translation. It uses Microsoft technology in translating. 

You tried so many times to look for many examples for the exact word. You tried to use the word 'worked',but when you put it in the dictionary,it gives you the base form or infinitive form of the verb (which is, work) , you wanted to know how to use it in the past,however. For example, I worked hard yesterday. 

If you also are looking for many synonyms,sentences,quotes for the exact word, then definitely you should see this

Your Dictionary

6  Best recommended English and American Dictionaries 2020
The Best recommended English and American Dictionaries 2020


There are also some cons about it. For example, it doesn't have phonetic transcript for the words. It doesn't have American or British sounds (Audio) . It's only good to use when looking for many examples and sentences for a word of your choice.


Macmillan Dictionary 

6  Best recommended English and American Dictionaries 2020

I find it the simplest dictionary in its examples. It also gives you all relative information that you need about the word you write. It's very useful when it comes to learning phrases. Moreover, it has quizzes,and videos. It's mainly a British dictionary. It includes the phonetic transcript of British pronunciation

Regarding learning phrases, if you write the word good, the dictionary gives you this:

all in good time
as good a time/place etc as any
as good as finished/dead etc
as good as new
as good as your word
be as good as it gets
be good to go
good and ready/warm etc
good boy/girl
a good deal
someone’s good eye/ear/arm/leg etc
good for/on someone
good for something
a good friend
good Heavens/Lord/God/grief/gracious
good old
have a good thing going
if you know what’s good for you
it’s a good thing/job that
make good
make good (on) a promise/threat/debt etc
make good something
not good enough
that’s a good one
too good to be true/to last
too much of a good thing
would you be so good as/would you be good enough to do something

So as I told you, it's very useful when learning phrases.

Longman Dictionary 

6  Best recommended English and American Dictionaries 2020

It includes American and British pronunciations along with their phonetic transcripts.

When I wrote 'friend' , I found the following:

Word family (noun) friend friendliness friendship friendly (adjective) friendly ≠ unfriendly friendless (verb) befriend

friend1 /frend/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable]


somebody’s best friend (=the friend you like the most)
Fiona was her best friend.
a good/close friend (=one of the friends you like the most)
She’s a good friend of mine.
a dear friend (=a friend who is very important to you)
I’d like you to meet a dear friend of mine.
an old friend (=someone who has been your friend for a long time)
We went to see some old friends who had moved to Harlow.
a lifelong friend (=someone who has been your friend for the whole of your life)
The two men were lifelong friends.
a childhood friend (=someone who was your friend when you were a child)
She had been a childhood friend of Tony Walker.
a school friend
I met some old school friends for lunch.
a family friend
He’s visiting family friends.
a personal friend
Mr Hutton is a close personal friend of my father.
a mutual friend (=someone who is a friend of both you and someone else)
They went to a mutual friend’s home for dinner.
a firm friend (=a friend you like a lot and intend to keep)
They had remained firm friends ever since they first met.
a trusted friend
She told only a few trusted friends.
male/female friends
Most of my male friends are married now.

VERBShave a friendSuzie has plenty of friends.become friendsLiz and Vanessa soon became friends.remain friendsWe have all remained friends despite some difficult times.

PHRASESa friend of mine/yours/Bill’s etcA friend of mine is going to Tokyo next week.a friend of a friendI managed to get tickets from a friend of a friend.somebody’s circle of friends (=all the friends someone has)Her small circle of friends used to play cards together.

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