Is language exchange on italki available

 Is language exchange on italki available?

Is language exchange on italki  available
Is language exchange on italki  available

The question that has been asked by many students of a language: 

is language exchange on italki still available?

The answer is, unfortunately, no.  If you watch this video, you'll see how language exchange was running on italki before it's officially shut down

so, what should I do then to learn or improve my English or the language you're learning for free.

At Learn Special English, we offer language exchange for free, click here to reach the topics where we explained how to do a language exchange on our platform.

A lot of people want to find a language partner such as native English speakers on time in any community to practice the languages these speakers are speaking or learning. We do know that many teachers don't have time to give lessons for free. Actually, all they can do, as partners or learners is to talk and do conversation for a little time.

So, we offer language exchange on Skype for FREE. Mr. Zaki gives low-price classes on italki. Check his schedule by clicking here.

The best teacher is actually a person who is also the best student. The lesson you can take on italki or through Learn Special English directly. The classes are online, so you can meet the speaker(tutor) of the language you want to learn. If you do a language exchange, then you can teach and learn for free.

Whatever your level is in English, I can start a course based on your needs. We can be friends also. Whether you are a French, Polish, Chinese, Spanish, or American speaker, I still can help you to improve your English grammar, business English, writing short stories, academic writing, and more services.

I offer as well many recorded courses on Udemy including Proofreading and Editing: common writing mistakes, which has been taken by many English native speakers. For more courses, check our shop cart

 I know someone who exchanges his language or earns from it with others. However, if you want to teach the language you need to be professional and fluent. You can message us first to take a trial class before paying for a whole course. You can write to us through our Facebook page: Learn Special English or WhatsApp/Zalo/WeChat at this number +20 10 2787 1551

install the italki app, make an account, and start your classes to learn new vocabulary and connect them with your goals.

we might offer an italki promo code in the future, stay tuned! 

If you are a teacher and want to teach your language on italki, check this article:

How do I apply to become a teacher?

remember, our classes are fun and enjoyable-- we use games in our classes to make the difficult lessons become easier than you think.

Learning a foreign language gives you a new experience and exposes you to different cultures so that when you travel abroad or immigrate to Canada or any other country, you would know what to say in the hotel, restaurant, airport, and so on.

We give courses to help you speak each session for an hour. You need to have a notebook to write after your teacher. Teaching is what we master and can do. Teaching English online is different from boring classes at school. You learn what you need, not what you have to.

some students learn by themselves using Duolingo

How to learn Chinese through Duolingo app-- watch -- Learn English

First, think about the purpose of learning a language that is common around the globe. It's never been an awkward moment to think about your future. Some students waste their time hours every day. Others take classes with inexperienced teachers and waste time.

I understand that you want to learn English with someone who is highly appreciated by all students instead f downloading many apps on your mobile phone and feel like there's no progress.


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