20 IELTS tips to get band 9 in speaking

20 IELTS tips  to get band 9 in speaking

20 IELTS tips  to get band 9 in speaking
20 IELTS tips  to get band 9 in speaking

  • Be formal; take it seriously, but natural.
  • smile and keep good eye contact with the examiner.
  • Listen carefully to the questions and be accurate
  • give full answers; not just words, show off your level of English.
  • Be polite and cultured when you ask for clarification
  • sit straight and maintain a good posture; be confident.
  • use descriptive words and higher-level, advanced vocabulary.
  • Keep a steady pace; don't speak too fast or too slowly.
  • Explain any foreign or unfamiliar words (cities, meals, and so on.)
  • Stay on topic; don't get off it. Provide relevant examples
  • Use The best English you know; don't use slang such as What's up dude?  
  • You can use idioms and phrasal verbs
  •  Do not memorize answers; be familiar with the IELTS topics.
  • be accurate using vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
  • Paraphrase the questions asked by the examiner
  • use gap fillers (such as um, ..) if necessary; don't stay silent. Think while talking.
  • Correct yourself when you make a mistake.
  • Speak more than the examiner. I mean speak until he tells you to stop or time's up.
  • Extend your answers using expansions techniques. Nothing has to be personal. You can create stories while speaking about the topic. They test your language, not your personal life.

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What does paraphrase mean? 

it means to say the same thing in different words. For example, she is beautiful --> She is pretty

beautiful is a synonym for pretty.  

How to give full answers on the IELTS speaking exam?

For example, when the examiner asks you, do you like sports? 
don't just say-->  yes, I do. and that's it.


You can say, yes, I do. Actually, one of my favorite sport is .... and continue telling your story.

How can I use higher-level words or advanced words on the IELTS exam? 

for example, instead of using words that everyone knows-- this means, the words are too easy. 

instead of saying   very happy, say thrilled 

This website helps a lot for finding synonyms and antonyms 

What do you mean by steady pace? Should I speak slow or fast or what?

You need to speak a lot of words and be accurate at the same time. If you could speak fast and accurately, you can do it. If you speak slowly, you will not say many grammar structures, words, idioms, phrasal verbs, and so on. Therefore, you need to take a speaking course to enhance your ability to speak fast and accurately. Check our Online English Courses.

How to extend your answers on the IELTS speaking test? 

Think of a story. Yeah, a story. If you only say words related to your life, maybe you won't say much on certain topics. Therefore, think of a story to say. Whatever you're going to say has to be related to the topic. The stories you are going to invent usually start with for example. 

Question 1: 
Traveling is so much fun. Do you like traveling?

Yes, I do. I've always wanted to travel. Last year, for example,  I went to ___, I did ___ ...
(You can say that you traveled even if you didn't if that's the last cause-- I mean you don't have something to say-- invent it) 

Watch this video to get more information on how you are corrected on the IELTS exam

Introduction to IELTS and tips for Band 9

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