English conversation scripts for an advanced level of English| learn English

 English conversation scripts for an advanced level of English| learn English

English conversation scripts for an advanced level of English| learn English
English conversation scripts for an advanced level of English| learn English

We all need to speak English every day. Sometimes, you don't know what to say when you are on the phone. What are the words needed to make a phone call or to ask for directions?

here is an English script for students to practice together in pairs

Activate: Everyday conversation 2:  An Afternoon In The Kitchen page 11


Mrs. Anderson is a married woman. we use Mrs. to refer to married women

worried :
thinking about unpleasant things that have happened or that might happen and therefore feeling unhappy and afraid Don't look so worried!

You were busy, weren’t you? we use weren't you to say, are you sure?

Situation: Mrs. Anderson is baking cakes when her daughter Debbie gets home from school.

Debbie: Mom, I am home. Mrs. Anderson: How was school? How did you do on the test? Debbie: School was OK, and I did great on the test. Mom, I was so worried about that test , but now I feel great. What a relief! Mrs. Anderson: I am glad to hear that. You have been studying so hard the past few weeks. Now, you can relax and enjoy life. Debbie: What are you cooking? It smells so good. Mrs. Anderson: I am baking cakes. This is your favorite carrot cake. Debbie: It looks really yummy. And I see muffins over there too. You were busy, weren’t you? Mrs. Anderson: Yes. Jeff has to take something to school tomorrow. So, those muffins are for him. Don’t touch them. Debbie: Can I have a piece of carrot cake? I want to enjoy life right now. Mrs. Anderson: You don’t want to wait until after dinner? Debbie: It looks inviting, and I bet it is delicious. No, I don’t want to wait. Can I, mom? Mrs. Anderson: OK, go ahead. Debbie: Did you see the new recipe that was posted on Today Cooking’s website? I believe it was called Scrumptious Pie. Mrs. Anderson: No, I did not. But I want to try that recipe. Your dad loves pie. Debbie: So do I. Mrs. Anderson: So does Jeff. Our whole family is crazy about pie. Debbie: When do you want to try the new recipe? I want to learn too. Should we bake a cherry pie or an apple pie? 12 Mrs. Anderson: Since this is the cherry season, let’s make a cherry pie. Tomorrow, I will get some cherries at the supermarket, and we can start baking in the afternoon when you get home from school. Debbie: I need to finish a science project, and I will not get home until 3:30. Will it be too late to start baking, mom? If it is, you can start without me. Mrs. Anderson: 3:30 PM is fine. I will prepare dinner early, and then I will have everything ready for our baking session before you get home. Debbie: Make sure that we still have enough sugar and eggs, mom. It seems like you were using a lot of sugar and eggs baking the cakes and muffins today. Mrs. Anderson: Don’t worry. We still have plenty of sugar and a lot of eggs, enough to make at least ten pies. Debbie: Ten pies, huh? Ten sounds like a good number, but let’s not overdo it. Let’s make nine and a half pies instead. Mrs. Anderson: OK, we will make nine and a half pies tomorrow. No more, no less. Debbie: It is a deal. Mrs. Anderson: Enough about baking pies. I need to start working on today’s dinner. It is three o’clock already. Your dad and Jeff will be home soon. I am sure they will be very hungry and will want dinner right away. Debbie: What do we have for dinner tonight? Mrs. Anderson: I will make roast beef and cream of mushroom soup. Debbie: It has been a long time since you made cream of mushroom soup. Do you need any help, mom? Mrs. Anderson: No, go do your homework and leave the cooking to me. Debbie: Thanks, mom. Call me whenever dinner is ready. I do not want to be late for roast beef, cream of mushroom soup, carrot cake and muffins. Mrs. Anderson: The muffins are for Jeff. Do not touch them! Debbie: I know, mom. Just kidding.

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