Daily Tasks to Reach an Advanced English Level by Teacher Zaki Badr


Daily Tasks to Reach an Advanced Level of English by Teacher Zaki Badr
Daily Tasks to Reach an Advanced Level of English by Teacher Zaki Badr

Daily Tasks to Reach Advanced C2
Daily Tasks to Reach Advanced C2

Unlocking fluency in English is a journey filled with daily tasks and continuous improvement. In this blog post, we'll explore essential activities and strategies that can propel you towards an advanced level of English proficiency. Join us on this language adventure guided by Teacher Zaki Badr, and discover how consistent efforts can lead to impressive language skills.

The daily tasks to reach an advanced level of English are as follows:

(every day if possible) 

Task 1: listen to the radio; write down 5 new words with their definitions and examples using a dictionary


Steps to task 1:

 1  listen to the radio
 2  write new words
3 if there is a spelling mistake, no problem
4 put the words in the dictionary. It gives you suggestions.
5 write (at least) one example for each new word using the dictionary (copy them)
 6  use the new words to write your own sentence(s) using the same structure as the dictionary (don't worry; I will correct your sentences if there are any mistakes)

How to do task 2:

(every day if possible)  

Task 2:
Choose a video to watch; write down 5 new words with their definitions and examples using a dictionary

(every day if possible) 

 Task 3:  The Guardian Newspaper Reading Task

Task 3 Steps: 

The Guardian Newspaper:
1 choose the topics you’re interested in first, then do the following.
2 Divide the big article into portions. Choose a portion of the article (150-250 words) to read to get an overview of the main topic and its ideas.
3 Read the same portion again (150-250 words); then, look for new words (up to 10 max). Write them into your notebook.
4 Look up the new words in the dictionary. There might be many meanings–try to see the best meaning that fits the context of the article you’re reading.
5 read the same portion again after you have studied the new words and understood their meanings.
6 What if there are more than 10 new words in the same portion you choose? Then, take a smaller portion (50 up to 100 words to study)
7 Repeat the previous steps until you finish the whole article. It doesn’t matter if you take one week to finish one article.
This task was designed by Mr. Zaki Badr (holder of TEFL, TESOL, TEYL, Train The Trainer certifications, currently studying DELTA at Cambridge University)

(every day if possible) 

 Task 4: install ELSA SPEAK for daily pronunciation practice: 

ELSA SPEAK On Android 


(every day if possible)  

Task 5:  Practice speaking more on this website:

How to do task 5 step by step:

  Choose English rooms that are at a higher level of English
Use https://www.free4talk.com/  for 15 minutes at least every day to join rooms to listen to what they are saying and/or talking to them.

Steps to Task 5

1 choose a topic to discuss from this website:
2 read about the topic first.
3 learn some words/phrases (5 or more)   you can use while talking about the topic
4  Make questions on the words you learned
5 Use synonyms if the person you ask questions to is not familiar with the word

 Task 6: read a short story on the app (istoria) every day

Istoria on Android 

 Istoria on IOS

Steps to task 6:  

1  click on “Listen to the assistant,” then play the audio  
2 listen to the story one or two or more times
3 read the story with your eyes. Get the overall meaning.  
4 after you read the story, click on the words you don’t know.
5 read it again without clicking on any words.
6 send me the new words you found and the examples used within the story 
 with their translation via WhatsApp
7 summarize the story, and tell me what you remember in the next session.

Task 7: 

Study 4000 Essential English Words by Paul Nation (the three two books 4,5, and 6 ) if your level is B2

1. Listen to the words along with their definitions, examples, and the story.
2. Answer the exercises, then check the answers.
3. Review the words on a different day to test your memory to see if you still remember what you studied.
4. Recycle the words: put them in question form—ask your friends/partners/anyone who wants to speak English. For example, for the word "computer," ask "Do you have a computer?" and engage in conversations like this.

Task 8:

Study Advanced Grammar such as Advanced Grammar in USE or similar books 

Steps To Task 8:

  1.   Read carefully when you're focused, not sleepy. 
  2.  Answer the unit exercises.
  3.  Check your answers at the end of the book.
  4.   Search in Google or different grammar books if something isn't clear to you.

More customized tasks are given to you during an English course with teacher Zaki Badr

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