11 important Corona Virus vocabulary definitions By Mr.Zaki Badr

11 important Corona Virus vocabulary definitions By Mr.Zaki Badr 


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I hope everyone is safe in the whole world. Stay home,and be safe. Let's learn today the most useful 11 important words about Corona Virus.

The words we're going to learn are as follows:

  • Immunity  meaning
  • Symptom  meaning
  • Vaccine   meaning
  • Epidemic   meaning
  • Epidemiologist    meaning
  • Contagion  meaning
  • Quarantine   meaning
  • Sanitizer   meaning
  • Curfew   meaning
  • protection meaning
  • Mask meaning

  immunity noun    /ɪˈmjuːnəti/     (plural immunities)

​[uncountable] the body’s ability to avoid or not be affected by infection and disease
 immunity (to something) immunity to infection
 immunity against something
Ex:  The vaccine provides longer immunity against flu.

​[uncountable] immunity (to something) the state of not being affected by something, especially something that you might expect to be harmful
Ex:  the president's seeming immunity to criticism

[uncountable, countable] immunity (from something) the state of being protected from something
The spies were all granted immunity from prosecution.
parliamentary/congressional immunity (= protection against particular laws that is given to politicians)
Ex: Officials of all member states receive certain privileges and immunities.

Symptom  noun

a change in your body or mind that shows that you are not healthy

Vaccine  noun

a substance that is put into the blood and that protects the body from a disease

Epidemic noun

a large number of cases of a particular disease or medical condition happening at the same time in a particular community
Epidemiologist  noun
a scientist who studies the spread and control of diseases

Contagion noun

the spread of a disease by close contact between people
Ex: There is no risk of contagion.

Quarantine noun

a period of time when an animal or a person that has or may have a disease is kept away from others in order to prevent the disease from spreading
Ex:  The dog was kept in quarantine for six months.

Sanitizer noun

It’s used for cleaning a place or person and prevent bacteria to be on your body or on a place.
Ex: I’m going to use a sanitizer to protect myself.

Curfew  noun

a law that says that people must not go outside after a particular time at night until the morning; the time after which nobody must go outside
Ex:  You must get home before curfew.

protection noun

[uncountable] the act of protecting somebody/something; the state of being protected
 protection against something Wear clothes that provide adequate protection against the wind and rain.
 protection from something His straw hat offered some protection from the sun.
 protection of somebody/something (against/from something) We seek to ensure the protection of human rights.
the conservation and protection of the environment
 protection for somebody/something (against/from something) They are campaigning for better protection for workers.
for protection She carries a gun in her bag for personal protection.
 under protection He asked to be put under police protection.
 under the protection of somebody/something These people remain under the protection of the United Nations.
data protection laws
the importance of environmental protection

mask noun [ C ]

mask noun [C] (FACE COVER)
a covering for all or part of the face that protects, hides, or decorates the person wearing it:

a gas mask

a surgical mask


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