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American Accent and Phonetics

Master the American accent, standard pronunciation rules, Speak English Like an American, and Accent reduction Course

American ِAccent and Phonetics
American ِAccent and Phonetics

What you'll learn?
  • You will be able to speak and listen to English as English native speakers.
  • Learning the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabets) so that you can read any word easily.
  • 3 types of American intonations - how native speakers speak English?
  • Some shortcuts in English conversations -Wow you speak very fast!
  • American R sound /r/ as in Far and Water
  • Ah /ɑ:/ sound as in Car
  • Ay sound /eɪ/ in American accent as in Play
  • Aaa sound /æ/ as in Cat - Full American accent course
  • Uh sound /ʌ/ as in Cut - Full American accent course
  • C sounds like K ,S ,Q(KU) as in Cat,cinema , cute
  • D sound as in Dog
  • Lone E sound /i:/ as in Feel - American accent
  • Short e sound /e/ as in tent -American accent
  • Long U sound /u/ as in Blue,too - American accent
  • Long O sound /oʊ/ as in hope -American accent
  • Very short O sound /ʊ/ as in put,foot.
  • aw sound /ɔ:/ as in Storm,for - American accent
  • OW sound /aʊ/ as in Cow - American accent.
  • OI sound /ɔɪ/ as in Boy
  • The difference in pronunciation of P (pen) and B (Bear)
  • The difference between /v/ Van , th/θ/ think sounds
  • The difference between /θ/ 'th' in think and /s/ in sink
  • T sound /t/ as in Tool
  • T rules as r (fast d) sound as in water
  • T rules -flap t /d/ as in Little
  • Sh /ʃ/ sound as in Shirt,Tension, and Ch /tʃ/ sound as in Church
  • Hard /g/ sound as in Good
  • Gged sound as in Tugged
  • Soft G /dʒ/ sound as in Gym,gem
  • Ed-endings . Replace “ed” with “T” sound as in Worked
  • “H” is silent or not hour or hat
  • Light L :Lend and Dark L : Call
  • N sounds /n/ as in Noon, / ŋ/ as in Going
  • Silent N
  • X pronounce as KS ,GZ,KSH, or what?
  • S endings - s pronounced as S or Z ?
  • S is pronounced as "IZ" like Churches
  • Silent S after "th" like Months
  • When 'e' is silent in English?
  • ٍٍSilent t as in Internet
  • j sound /dʒ/in Dream
  • Ch sound /tʃ/ as in True ,control
  • Omit(leave out ) T in these words
  • Silent K
  • ِAll rules of silent letters in American accent pronunciation
  • Phonetics chart with words
  • All Linking sounds rules of American accent pronunciation
  • American intonation( rise,fall, rise and fall)
  • /ʒ/ sound as in casual.
  • American accent exercises with answers to test your understanding of classes.
  • SCHWA Vowel /ə/ as in America
  • American Phonetics
  • Bonus videos

  • A headset
  • A paper and a pen to write down the phonetic symbols.
American ِAccent and General Pronunciation course will help you to learn: American phoneticslinking sounds, accent reduction, and how to speak English like a native speaker. With practice exercises in the course, your accent will be improved quickly. You will be learning types of intonation that will help you to speak English confidently and clearly so that anyone will understand your English. In section two of the course, you will be learning the following: American accent vowel soundsAmerican accent consonants sounds, American accent phonetics chart, and lots more. Enjoy being with us in this course. Ask questions any time. I'm glad to support you at all times.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn or improve their American accent and general English pronunciation.

Also, if you want an online one-to-one English course to improve your American Accent or phonetics (IPA), and improve
your accent to be understood. You could visit this page Online English Courses.


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