English Punctuation check by Mr. Zaki Badr

English Punctuation check by Mr. Zaki Badr

English Punctuation Course
I will correct your mistakes in English.
Hello dear students. I hope you are fine,and happy. In this topic, I'll show you a piece of writing from one of my students,and my check. I hope this topic helps you to improve your English punctuation,and your writing.

I want to contribute in science, and I want to learn as I can . This is my everyday wish.After losing My grandmother died by cancer at the age of  when I was 13.
I am always passion in about math and physics, but how I can use them to study medicine and patients. Biotechnology was the Google answer for me . Biotechnology field  gave me  enough  complete meal knowledge. After finishing I had finished studying at high school, I decided to study Biotechnology.
Now, I have a bachelor degree in biotechnology. And still my everyday wish is  to contribute in science and learn as I can.
After graduation, I sent E-mails to all an Egyptian research lab which have has facilities, and it focuses  on biotechnology research. I get got the opportunity to be part of the metabolomics and proteomics unit in 57357 Cancer children hospital. My focus focused  area of research now is metabolomics which is the greatest era of omics,and have .It is an amazing combination of biology, chemistry, and programming . I am planning to get my master degree in metabolomics and systemic biology in one of the highly rated universities around the world. Then, I want to complete my PhD In the field of computational biology.
The computational science and it is an application to predict the diseases,and the suitable drugs is which are devolving developed every day.  And I hope one day to have my research lab who which focuses on the computational biology area of research after training and working in every single research lab around the world. Also I have achieved my short term goal in my sports to be a karate referee. Now, I want to become an international karate referee.
I want to travel around the world, and taste every single type of traditional food in every country around the world. Actually I am trying to balance between all my goals. Sometimes, I get tired of all those, but I remember all of the results I will gain from hard work, and remember my grandmother. I want to contribute in science, I want to  and learn as much as I can.

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