Full American Accent Course for FREE by Mr.Zaki Badr

Full American Accent Course for FREE by Mr.Zaki Badr
  Learning American accent by Mr.Zaki Badr
Learning American accent by Mr.Zaki Badr

My Teaching English certificate from Arizona State University,USA
My Teaching English certificate from Arizona State University,USA

In this course you are going to learn the following:

  • You will be able to speak and listen to English as English native speakers.
  • Learning the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabets) so that you can read any word easily.
  • 3 types of American intonations - how native speakers speak English?
  • Some shortcuts in English conversations -Wow you speak very fast!
  • American R sound /r/ as in Far and Water
  • Ah /ɑ:/ sound as in Car
  • Ay sound /eɪ/ in American accent as in Play
  • Aaa sound /æ/ as in Cat - Full American accent course
  • Uh sound /ʌ/ as in Cut - Full American accent course
  • C sounds like K ,S ,Q(KU) as in Cat,cinema , cute
  • D sound as in Dog
  • Lone E sound /i:/ as in Feel - American accent
  • Short e sound /e/ as in tent -American accent
  • Long U sound /u/ as in Blue,too - American accent
  • Long O sound /oʊ/ as in hope -American accent
  • Very short O sound /ʊ/ as in put,foot.
  • aw sound /ɔ:/ as in Storm,for - American accent
  • OW sound /aʊ/ as in Cow - American accent.
  • OI sound /ɔɪ/ as in Boy
  • The difference in pronunciation of P (pen) and B (Bear)
  • The difference between /v/ Van , th/θ/ think sounds
  • The difference between /θ/ 'th' in think and /s/  in sink
  • T sound /t/ as in Tool
  • T rules as r (fast d)  sound as in water
  • T rules -flap t /d/ as in Little
  • Sh /ʃ/ sound as in Shirt,Tension, and Ch /tʃ/ sound as in Church
  • Hard /g/ sound as in Good
  • Gged sound as in Tugged
  • Soft G /dʒ/ sound as in Gym,gem
  • Ed-endings . Replace “ed” with “T” sound as in Worked
  • “H” is silent or not     hour or hat
  • Light L :Lend and Dark L : Call
  • N sounds /n/ as in Noon, / ŋ/ as in Going
  • Silent N
  • X pronounce as KS ,GZ,KSH, or what?
  • S endings - s pronounced as S or Z ?
  • S is pronounced as "IZ" like Churches
  • Silent S after "th" like Months
  • When 'e' is silent in English?
  • ٍٍSilent t as in Internet
  • j sound /dʒ/in Dream
  • Ch sound /tʃ/ as in True ,control
  • Omit(leave out ) T in these words
  • Silent K
  • ِAll rules of silent letters in American accent pronunciation
  • Phonetics chart with words
  • All Linking sounds rules of American accent pronunciation
  • American intonation( rise,fall, rise and fall)
  • /ʒ/ sound as in casual.
  • American accent exercises with answers to test your understanding of classes.
  • SCHWA Vowel  /ə/ as in America
  • American Phonetics

How to study American Accent pronunciation course:

The colored letters usually represent the sound. Wherever they exist in any word, the sound exists within them. For example  ar  make AH sound in all words like  Farm, Far,... Some rules can be applied differently like ea can be long E (Fear) or ay(Great)

Some words don’t have a rule of pronunciation, in this case,  you need to memorize their sound.

English has 26 letters but 44 sounds ,we’re going to study the sounds .
Vowels are : a,e,i,o,u
Consonants : k,b,d,…etc

Ah sound - American accent pronunciation
Ah sound - American accent pronunciation

Watch my full American Accent course For Free on YouTube


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