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Learn essential American accent rules in an hour!

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What you'll learn?
  • Standard American accent rules of pronunciation
  • Voiced sounds
  • Unvoiced sounds
  • Structural Action - Major Vowels
  • Consonant sounds rules
  • Connected Speech
  • Intonation of American accent
  • Linked Phrases
  • Tips to improve your English skills
  • Reading techniques
  • Ah sound /ɑː/ (Voiced.)
  • Ay sound /eɪ/ as Say
  • A sound /æ/ like Bad
  • Uh sound /ʌ / like cut
  • Long O sound /uː/ (Voiced.)
  • Long E sound /iː/ (Voiced.)
  • B(Voiced) and P(Unvoiced) sounds!
  • V(voiced and F(Unvoiced) sounds.
  • M sound(Voiced.)
  • C has three sounds
  • T and D sounds
  • j sound / dʒ /
  • N has two sounds of pronunciation ( /n/ , /ŋ/ )
  • Sounds+ed= T
  • H sound
  • K sound
  • L has two sounds

  • Having good headphones help you to listen well to the voice.
  • Taking the course when you are not feeling tired gives you a good quality of learning.
  • Doing your exercises and asking questions are effective methods to learn English accurately.
This course was designed to suit your needs in learning American English pronunciation. It starts with the basic American accent important pronunciation rules.Those rules are like the following :voiced sounds,unvoiced sounds,and consonant sounds rules.To help you more,I've explained some sounds that are silent or pronounced.You'll learn the rules of both.Also, phonetics will be covered in this course ,to help you understand ,how to read a written word by its symbols using an online dictionary or written one.Many topics will be covered in this course, such as  tonal action preparation,tonal action practice,structural action -major vowels,consonants,connected speech, Intonation, consonant clusters and linked phrases.At the end of the course,you will get bonus lectures that include the following: intonation,linking sounds,reading techniques and some tips to improve your listening skills.This course is not just videos you will watch but also I will be there for you at all times as much as I can,to answer all of your questions regarding learning English or American accent pronunciation.So,if you want me to give you more examples,I will do so.This course is just the first part of the series of Speak English like an American.Enjoy!
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners
  • Intermediate


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