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Present continuous form,uses,questions,negatives,and examples-Learn Special English

Present continuous form, uses, questions, negatives, and examples-Learn Special English
Present continuous - LearnSpecialEnglish.com
Present continuous - LearnSpecialEnglish.com

Today, you're going to learn the present continuous.
You're going to study the following:

  • Present continuous form
  • Present continuous uses
  • Present continuous Questions
  • Present continuous Negatives
  • Present continuous examples
  • Do state verbs take -ing in the present continuous?
  • Present continuous contractions
  • Present continuous keywords

You can also watch this video which is about the present continuous

Present continuous form:

Present continuous form:

Present continuous form:

Subject + am/is/are  + verb(Ing)
.I   am  playing football

.We are playing football 

 .They are playing football 

 .You are playing football 

.He is playing football 

.She is playing football 

.It is working well 

  • Present continuous uses

  1. Something is happening now, at this very moment. It can also be used to show that something is not happening now.

    Please  don't make so much noise.  I am trying to work.  

    'Where's  Mark?'      He is  having  a shower.'   (Not   He has a shower)

    The action  is  not necessarily happening at the time of speaking .

    Kate  wants  to  work  in Italy,  so she's learning  Italian.   
     (but  perhaps  she isn't   learning
    Italian   at the time of speaking)

    You can use the present  continuous  with   today  I this  week I this year etc.

     (periods  around  now):

    The company  I  work  for isn't  doing  so well this year.

    4. Near Future 
    Sometimes, speakers use the Present Continuous to indicate that something will or will not happen in the near future

    Is he visiting his parents next weekend?
    Yes, he is. No, he is not.

    5. To talk about temporary situations:
    I am studying really hard for my exams.
    My cousin is living in Thailand at the moment.(=he doesn’t normally live there)

    6. To talk about trends or changing situations6.
    The internet is making it easier for people to stay in touch with each other.
    The price of petrol is rising dramatically.

    7. To talk about things that happen more often than expected, often to show envy or to criticize with words like always, constantly, continually, forever:
    My mum is always saying I don’t help enough!  (complaint)
    He is always visiting exciting places (envy)

    8. Do state verbs take -ing in the present continuous?

    Do state verbs take -ing in the present continuous?

    Do state verbs take -ing in the present continuous?

    9. Asking questions using the verb to be
    Verb to be+ subject + verb(ing) +…..?

    Are à  You/they/we
    Is à He/she/it
    Am à I

    Are you/they/we going to work tomorrow?
    Is he/she going to work now?
    Is the computer working now?
    Am I feeling okay today? à Yes, you are.

    Present continuous keywords

    Words like at the moment, currently, now, this week/month/year is often used.

    10. Present continuous Negatives

    To make present continuous in negative form, all you need to do is adding -not after the verb to be (am, is, or are)

    Are you Ahmed?
    No, I am not.
    No, I am not Ahmed, but I am Zaki Badr.

    Are (they/we) your friends?
    No, (they/we) are not.

    Is (he/she) your friend?
    No, he/she is not my friend.
    And so on. Thank you. 

      Mr.Zaki Badr
      Mr.Zaki Badr
      My name is Zaki Badr. I am an online English teacher. Contact me on WhatsApp/Zalo/WeChat: +20 1027 87 1551 I have been teaching English since 2011( to kids and adults. English teaching certificates that I got : *TESOL Certificate, Arizona State University, USA, December 2018. *TEFL Certificate, London Teacher Training College OFQUAL regulated, London, June 2021.