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Talk Like An Egyptian

Egyptian Arabic, slang Arabic, Arabic, Arabic alphabets, common Egyptian phrases, Egyptian slang, speak Arabic, Learn Arabic

Talk Like An Egyptian | Udemy Courses
Talk Like An Egyptian | Udemy Courses

What you'll learn
  • Slang Egyptian Arabic
  • Common Arabic phrases we use in Egypt
  •  Reading the alphabets
  • Make words from the alphabet
  • family words in Arabic.
  • how to say my father, my ....
  • how to count from 1 to 10.
  • how to count from 11 to 20
  • how to say the colors in Arabic.
  • some common animal words you might see on the street in some areas in EGYPT.
  • name of some countries
  • transportation words.
  • school words.
  • hotel words.
  • tell the time in Arabic.
  • days of the week.
  • Hospital words
  • ways to say Good morning in Egyptian Arabic.
  • ways to say Good evening in Egyptian Arabic.
  • asking "how are you?" and how to reply.
  • how to show your emotions in Arabic words
  • What if you got lost? what would you say in Egyptian Arabic?
  • A Good headphone to listen clearly to the Arabic sounds
Since I am a native Egyptian speaker(from Egypt), I've made this short course to help you communicate with Egyptians in the streets, and in common places; I'm also going to help you read the Arabic alphabets and make simple words and phrases. One of the advantages of learning Egyptian Arabic is that you will be understood while talking to any Arabic person in Egypt or anywhere in the world. Arabs understand Egyptian Arabic. I use English letters to help you understand our Arabic while speaking.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners students who want to communicate in Arabic with an Egyptian.


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