Ana 2020 with English subtitles and vocabulary to learn by Mr.Zaki Badr

Ana 2020 with English subtitles and vocabulary to learn by Mr.Zaki Badr
Ana 2020 with English subtitles and vocabulary to learn by Mr.Zaki Badr

Learn new English vocabulary with a new movie Ana 2020 made by Mr.Zaki Badr, enjoy the movie, and share the topic with your fellow learners

Today you are going to learn these vocabulary and English phrases:

  • Stare (v.)
  • Dumb (adj.) = stupid or silent 
  • Pond (n.) : an area of water smaller than a lake
  • Thanks a bunch= Thank a lot
  • Blowhole (n.) : ​a hole in a large area
  • Blow up (phrasal verb)
  • End up (phrasal verb)
  • Cripple  (v.)
  • Lagoon (n.) ​a lake of salt water that is separated from the sea by a reef or an area of rock or sand
  • Drag (v.) (pull) 
  • Tangle  (v.)
  • Drown (v.) : to (cause to) die by being unable to breathe underwater:
  • God took pity on him = to feel sorry for someone, and to do something that shows this
  • Humble (adj.)
  • Honest (adj.) : never lies
  • Blow someone out of   (phrasal verb)  get him out of , move his body out of the lagoon
  • Cured (v.) : no longer ill or sick

Stare (v.)

​to look at somebody/something for a long time
I screamed and everyone stared.

 stare at somebody/something I stared blankly at the paper in front of me.
He sat staring into space (= looking at nothing).

Blow up (phrasal verb)

to explode; to be destroyed by an explosion
The bomb blew up.

​to start suddenly and with force
A storm was blowing up.

blow up (at somebody) SYNONYM lose your temper

​(informal) to get angry with somebody
I'm sorry I blew up at you.

end up  phrasal verb

​to find yourself in a place or situation at the end of a process or period of time
end up doing something I ended up doing all the work myself.
+ adv./prep. If you go on like this,you'll end up in prison.
We moved around a lot when I was young but we ended up in London.
 + adj. If he carries on driving like that, he'll end up dead.

Cripple  (v.) SYNONYM disable

​[usually passive] to damage somebody’s body so that they are no longer able to walk or move normally
 be crippled (by something) He was crippled by polio as a child.
be crippled with something She's eighty and crippled with arthritis.

Polio : 

a serious infectious disease that can cause permanent paralysis (= being unable to move the body


 a serious condition in which a person's joints (= the places where two bones are connected) become painful, swollen, and stiff

Tangled (v.)

Tangled rope
The rope got tangled in his leg.

Tangled meaning
Tangled meaning

Humble (adj.)

not proud or not believing that you are important:
He's very humble about his success.
poor or of a low social rank:
Even when she became rich and famous, she never forgot her humble background.
ordinary; not special or very important:
At that time she was just a humble mechanic.


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