Learn English from Just Mercy 2019 with English subtitles

Learn English from Just Mercy  2019 with English subtitles
Learn English from Just Mercy  2019 with English subtitles

In this article, you're going to watch JUST MERCY 2019 with English subtitles; also you're going to learn this English vocabulary:

  • ma’am  noun  meaning
  • A pleasure to meet you (phrase) meaning = Nice to meet you
  • Barely (adv.) meaning
  • Stop by (phrasal verb) meaning: ​to make a short visit somewhere   
  • Come on (phrasal verb) meaning
  • We Aint  gonna nowhere (We aren’t going to set target or make a plan while all are talking at the same time)
  • Quack (v.) meaning: ​the sound that a duck makes
  • Perspective on sth (phrase) meaning
  • No way (phrase) meaning: impossible
  • Rack (n.) meaning
  • Suppose  (v.) meaning
Learn/Practice English with MOVIES(Lesson #11)Title: Just Mercy 2019 in this movie, you'll be introduced to a nice American accent. I suppose it's an African American accent although some actors have a North American accent. Anyway, that's amazing, isn't it?

ma’am  noun[singular]

(North American English) used as a polite way of addressing a woman
‘Can I help you, ma'am?’
(British English) used when addressing the Queen or senior women officers in the police or army

Barely (adv.) 

: in a way that is just possible but only with difficulty
He could barely read and write.
The music was barely audible..
She was barely able to stand.
in a way that almost does not happen or exist
There was barely any smell.

just; certainly not more than (a particular amount, age, time, etc.)
Barely 50% of the population voted.
He was barely 20 years old and already running his own company.
​only a very short time before
I had barely started speaking when he interrupted me.

Come on

used in orders to tell somebody to hurry or to try harder
Come on! We don't have much time.
Come on! Try once more.

used to show that you know what somebody has said is not correct 
Oh,  come on—you know that isn't true!

come on/upon somebody/something
​[no passive] (formal) to meet or find somebody/something by chance

Perspective on sth (phrase)

[countable] a particular attitude towards something; a way of thinking about something
 from a… perspective    Try to see the issue from a different perspective.

​[uncountable] the ability to think about problems and decisions in a reasonable way without making them seem worse or more important than they really are
Try to keep these issues in perspective.
Talking to others can often help to put your own problems into perspective.


: (often in compounds)a piece of equipment, usually made of metal or wooden bars, that is used for holding things or for hanging things on

Suppose verb 

 [intransitive, transitive] to think or believe that something is true or possible (based on the knowledge that you have)
Prices will go up, I suppose.
suppose (that)… I don't suppose for a minute that he'll agree (= I'm sure that he won’t).
I suppose all the tickets have been sold now, have they?
[intransitive, transitive] used to make a statement, request or suggestion less direct or less strong
I could take you in the car, I suppose (= but I don't really want to).
‘Can I borrow the car?’ ‘I suppose so’ (= Yes, but I'm not happy about it).
[transitive] to pretend that something is true; to imagine what would happen if something were true suppose (that)… Suppose flights are fully booked on that day—which other day could we go?

Idioms   be supposed to do/be something

 to be expected or required to do/be something according to a rule, a custom, an arrangement, etc.
What am I supposed to do?
You were supposed to be here an hour ago!


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