The Secret Life of Pets 2 with English subtitles

The Secret Life of Pets 2
The Secret Life of Pets 2
Learn/Practice English with MOVIES(Lesson #9)Title: The Secret Life of Pets 2
I really liked this movie, family movie, The Secret Life of Pets 2; I'm sure you'll like it too. In this class you're going to learn the following:

  • Eventually adverb
  • Crawling (v.)
  • Sort of = kind of
  • Suddenly (adv.)
  • From then on (from that day, we have been friends)
  • role model noun
  • Fan (n.)
  • Blossom (v.)
  • Tenderly (adv.)
  • Influence (v.)
  • Help someone out (phrasal verb)
  • This kid gets us (understands us )
  • Gonna(going to)
  • A kid person( A person who loves kids a lot)

Eventually adverb

​at the end of a period of time or a series of events
Our flight eventually left five hours late.
She hopes eventually to attend medical school and become a doctor.
Use finally for the last in a list of things: Finally, I'd like to thank my parents… • Eventually, I'd like to thank my parents…

 crawl (v.)

to move forward on your hands and knees or with your body close to the ground
Our baby is just starting to crawl.
[intransitive] (+ adv./prep.) to move forward very slowly
The traffic was crawling along.
The weeks crawled by.
[intransitive] crawl (to somebody) (informal, disapproving) to be too friendly or helpful to somebody in authority, in a way that is not sincere, especially in order to get an advantage from them 
She's always crawling to the boss.
come/crawl out of the woodwork
​(informal, disapproving) if you say that somebody comes/crawls out of the woodwork, you mean that they have suddenly appeared in order to express an opinion or to take advantage of a situation
When he won the lottery, all sorts of distant relatives came out of the woodwork.

Suddenly (adv.)

quickly and unexpectedly
I suddenly realized what I had to do.
I suddenly became aware of just how late it was.
She took ill and died suddenly at her home

role model (n.)

A person you always wanted to be like him/her
a person that people admire and try to copy
We need positive role models for young women to aspire to.

Fan (n.)

a person who admires somebody/something or enjoys watching or listening to somebody/something very much
sports/music fans
Movie fans will be familiar with his work already.
Crowds of football fans filled the streets.
I like his films, but I wouldn't say I'm a diehard fan (= one who strongly admires somebody/something in all circumstances).
fan of somebody/something
 I'm a big fan of her books.

Blossom  verb 

[intransitive] (of a tree or bush) to produce blossom
The cherry trees blossomed early this year.
to become more healthy, confident or successful She has visibly blossomed over the last few months.
 blossom into something 
Their friendship blossomed into love.

Tenderly (adv.)

in a kind, gentle and loving way
She kissed him tenderly.

Influence (v.)

 to have an effect on the way that somebody behaves or thinks, especially by giving them an example to follow
influence somebody/something 
His writings have influenced the lives of millions.
I do not wish to influence your decision one way or the other.
 influence somebody in something 
Her parents tried to influence her in her choice of university.

help out | help somebody  out (phrasal verb)

​to help somebody, especially in a difficult situation

He's always willing to help out.
When I bought the house, my sister helped me out with a loan.
I was only trying to help out.


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