Spider-Man far from Home 2019 with English subtitles By Mr.Zaki Badr

Learn/Practice English with MOVIES(Lesson #6)Title: Spider-Man far from Home 2019

Spider-Man far from Home 2019

Spider-Man far from Home 2019

In this topic, you're going to learn vocabulary and phrases from Spider-man far from home.
Let's watch the video first 

Cool. Now let's dive into our vocabulary lesson.
Gone is the past participle of ‘go’ 
(of a thing) used up‘Where's the coffee?’ ‘It's all gone.’
​(of a person) having left a place; away from a place‘Is Tom here?’ ‘No, he was gone before I arrived.’

Forgotten is the past participle of ‘forget’
Tribute (n.): tribute (to somebody) an act, a statement or a gift that is intended to show your love or respect, especially for a dead person at her funeral her oldest friend paid tribute to her life and work.
[singular] tribute to something/somebody showing the good effects or influence of something/somebody
His recovery is a tribute to the doctors' skill.
(especially in the past) money given by one country or political leader to another, especially in return for protection or for not being attacked

Insane: (informal) very stupid, crazy or dangerous  
I must have been insane to agree to the idea.
​(informal) extremely annoyed; angry 
This job is driving me insane.
​(formal or old-fashioned) seriously mentally ill and unable to live in normal society: 
Doctors certified him as insane.
Wiped from existence:  It is no longer exist 
Unfair adjective  not right or fair according to a set of rules or principles; not treating people equally
They had been given an unfair advantage.
Dramatic adjective (of a change, an event, etc.) sudden, very great and often surprising 
a dramatic increase/change/improvement/shift  
exciting and impressive a dramatic victory
Confusing adjective  difficult to understand; not clear
The instructions on the box are very confusing.


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