Watch and Learn - DoLittle2020 with English subtitles By Mr.Zaki Badr

Watch and Learn - DoLittle2020 By Mr.Zaki Badr
Watch and Learn - DoLittle2020 By Mr.Zaki Badr

In this topic, you're going to learn the following:

  • Peculiar 
  • Extraordinary 
  • Reputation 
  • Spread far and wide
  • Call on him
  • Grateful 
  • Wondrous
  •  sanctuary 
  • Fearless 
  • Explorer
  • Defend 
  • Never felt more alive
  • Adventure 
  • Heartbroken 
  • Manor 
  • Retreated  from the world 

Peculiar adjective

strange or unusual, especially in a way that is unpleasant or makes you worried
peculiar (to somebody/something) belonging or relating to one particular place, situation, person, etc., and not to others
​(British English, informal) slightly ill

Extraordinary  adjective

unexpected, surprising or strange , SYNONYM incredible
not normal or ordinary; greater or better than usual

What an extraordinary thing to say!

Reputation  Noun

​the opinion that people have about what somebody/something is like, based on what has happened in the past
to have a good/bad reputation
to build/earn a reputation

Spread far and wide

That means everyone knows about him.

call on  phrasal verb call on/upon somebody (formal) 

to ask or demand that somebody do something
She called on the government to hold a vote.

​to formally invite or ask somebody to speak, etc.
I now call upon the chairman to address the meeting.

grateful  adjective

feeling or showing thanks because somebody has done something kind for you or has done as you asked

Thank you for doing this. I really am so grateful.

wondrous  adjective

​strange, beautiful and impressive
It was a wondrous thing to see the sea for the first time.

Sanctuary noun (plural sanctuaries)

​[countable] an area where wild birds or animals are protected and encouraged to produce young
a bird/wildlife sanctuary
The island was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1969. 
​[uncountable] safety and protection, especially for people who are in danger of being attacked or captured
to seek/find/take sanctuary in a place

fearless  adjective

not afraid, in a way that people admire

She was fearless and full of energy.

explorer  noun

​a person who travels to unknown places in order to find out more about them

Early explorers traded directly with Native Americans for furs.

defend  verb 

protect against attack/loss
[transitive, intransitive] to protect somebody/something from attack
defend somebody/something
 The role of the military is to defend the country.

Never felt more alive

Means at this time he was the best man in the world; he was a live like never before (before this time)
adventure  noun

[countable] an unusual, exciting or dangerous experience, journey or series of events
her adventures travelling in Africa

heartbroken  adjective

​extremely sad because of something that has happened
He was heartbroken when she left him.
Friends are tonight trying to comfort the heartbroken teenager.

manor noun

(also manor house)
 a large country house surrounded by land that belongs to it
The manor house is a grade II listed building.
​(British English, slang) an area in which somebody works or for which they are responsible, especially officers at a police station

Retreated  from the world 

That means Isolated from the world

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