Watch Tangled 2010 and Learn English vocabulary

Watch Tangled 2010 and Learn English vocabulary

Watch Tangled 2010 and Learn English vocabulary
Watch Tangled 2010 and Learn English vocabulary
Some movies still are remembered up to this day, one of those movies is Tangled 2010. I almost have watched it 6 to 10 times. Watch it and learn vocabulary from it 

  • You're going to learn the following:
  • Manage (v.)
  • Exhausting (adj.)
  • Darling (n., adj.)
  • Tease  (v.)
  • Confident
  • Run-down
  • Gleam (shine)
  • Heal ( to become healthy again )
  • Fate (n.)
  • Ta-da 
  • Distinctly  (adv.)
  • Annual (yearly, it happens every year)

Manage verb

manage (something) to control or be in charge of a business, a team, an organization, land, etc.
to manage a business/factory/bank/hotel/soccer team
to manage a department/project
We need people who are good at managing 

Exhausting  adjective

making you feel very tired an exhausting day at work
I find her exhausting—she never stops talking.
If you are tired, you could say, I am exhausted.  

Darling (n.,adj.)

 adj  [only before noun] (informal)
much loved; very attractive, special, etc.
My darling daughter.
 ​very pretty and pleasing

What a darling little hat! 

Tease  (v.)

to laugh at somebody and make jokes about them, either in a friendly way or in order to annoy them or make them embarrassed
Don't get upset—I was only teasing.
 tease somebody I used to get teased about my name.
tease (somebody) + speech ‘You're not scared, are you?’ she teased him.
tease somebody (with something) to make somebody want something or become excited about something by showing or offering them just a small part of it; to make somebody want more of something
Spring is here and we have already been teased with a glimpse of summer.
 tease something (+ adv./prep.) to pull something gently apart into separate pieces to tease wool into strands
 tease something to comb your hair in the opposite direction to the way it grows so that it looks thicker

Confident (adj.)

feeling sure about your own ability to do things and be successful
She was in a relaxed, confident mood.
 confident about something I was actually fairly confident about my chances.
confident about doing something The teacher wants the children to feel confident about asking questions when they don't understand.
 confident in something He'd learned to be confident in his ability to handle anything life threw at him.
 feeling certain that something will happen in the way that you want or expect
confident of something The Democrats were confident of victory.
 confident (that)… I'm confident that you will get the job.
She was quietly confident that everything would go as planned. 

run-down  adjective 

​(of a building or place) in very bad condition; that has not been taken care of
run-down inner-city areas
​(of a business, etc.) not as busy or as active as it used to be run-down transport services

​[not before noun] (of a person) tired or slightly ill, especially from working hard
to be run-down
She got very run-down working such long hours.

Fate (n.) 

  [countable] the things, especially (bad) things, that will happen or have happened to somebody/something
The fate of the three men is unknown.
She sat outside, waiting to find out her fate.
The court will decide our fate/fates.
Each of the managers suffered the same fate.
The government had abandoned the refugees to their fate.
From that moment our fate was sealed (= our future was decided). 

ta-da  exclamation

​an expression that is meant to sound like a fanfare (= a short piece of music played to celebrate somebody/something important)

So I took the test and ta-da! I passed first time!

Distinctly adverb

in a way that is easily or clearly heard, seen, felt, etc.
I distinctly heard someone calling me.
He could remember everything very distinctly.
​in a way that shows a quality that is easy to recognize

a distinctly Australian accent
The two techniques are distinctly different.

(used with an adjective)definitely or extremely 
It is distinctly possible that she will lose.
He looked distinctly uncomfortable.


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