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Academic English Writing Study Group session 1 on Zoom

Academic English Writing Study Group session 1 on Zoom

It's a group of English teachers who are willing to study and help each other. Please write your email on Zoom so that I can add you to a Zoom Group Channel.

*Sessions/webinars/presentations (Only English )  will be recorded and put onto the YouTube channel 
Our YouTube Channel:  http://bit.ly/35jRgKR 
The time of the sessions will be 40 minutes each time.

You could also write your email to my WhatsApp to be added quickly.
Mr.Zaki Badr   +201220942896             please mention "Academic English Writing Study Group " 

We are going to do the following:
Study and summarize the book and teach what we understand to each other on Zoom. Everyone has to do the same.
for simplicity, we're going to study from one book. Once it's finished, we could study another book related to Academic English writing.

Let's watch the first session of  Academic English Writing Study Group  on Zoom

Mr.Zaki Badr
Mr.Zaki Badr
My name is Zaki Badr.I am an online English teacher. Contact me on WhatsApp: +201027871551 I have been teaching English  since 2011. English teaching certificates that I got : *TESOL Certificate, Arizona State University,USA, December 2018.