phrasal verbs with 'look'/look on/look out/ look over /look through/look to with Mr.Zaki Badr #3

phrasal verbs with 'look'/look on/look out/ look over /look through/look to #3

In this article,you're going to learn the uses of phrasal verbs with 'look' 

  • look on  meaning and examples
  • look out meaning and examples
  • look over  meaning and examples
  • look through meaning and examples
  • look to  meaning and examples

look on 

INTRANSITIVE to watch an activity or event without taking part in it

Phil looked on in disbelief as Maggie got up on the table and started to dance.

look on


look upon

 TRANSITIVE (look on/upon someone/something) to think of someone or something in a particular way

look on as

We’re not related but I look on him as a brother.

look on it as a challenge.

look on with

Thirty years agokids would have looked on such music with contempt.


Look out 

used for warning someone to be careful, especially because they are likely to have an accident
Look out! There’s a car coming.


Look over

to examine something, usually quickly

He’d been looking over the leaflets he’d picked up earlier.


Look through

(look through something) to read something quicklyespecially to find the information you need

I’ve just been looking through your cookery books for inspiration.


Look to 

(look to someone) to hope or expect to get help, advice etc from someone
look to someone for something: As young children, we looked to our parents for guidance.
look to someone to do something: They’re looking to me to help improve sales figures.


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