How to teach English, and how to be a certified English teacher? by Mr.Zaki Badr

How to teach English, and how to be a certified English teacher? by Mr.Zaki Badr

How to teach English ,and how to be a certified English teacher? by Mr.Zaki Badr
How to teach English, and how to be a certified English teacher? by Mr.Zaki Badr

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. 

My name is Zaki Badr.I am an online English instructor/tutor.
I am a native-like English instructor with a pure American accent.
I have been teaching English to all ages(kids, adults)  since 2011.
English teaching certificates that I got :
TESOL Certificate, Arizona State University, USA, December 2018. 
• TEFL Certificate, TeacherRecord, China, October 2020.
• TEFL Certificate, London Teacher Training College OFQUAL regulated, London, June 2021
• Write Professional Emails in English, Georgia Institute of Technology, July 14th 
IELTS teacher training by IDP, Australia
• Teaching English Online given by Cambridge Assessment English in Feb 2019.
• Teaching English to Young Learners by  George Mason University
• Other certificates from Cambridge and Pearson
My certificates Link:

How to teach English?

It's a big question actually. Ask yourself some questions: Are you going to teach English to kids or adults? how old are they? what things make them happy? what things are they interested in?

  • Relate your class to their interests.
  • Make your classes interesting and informative.
  • Music helps.
  • Movies help too.
  • When you feel your students are bored, stop! change the class. Search for the flipped classroom.
  • Don't be traditional. It doesn't mean you know a lot that they have to know a lot.
  • Don't make it complicated if their level isn't suitable.
  • Test your students' level before teaching them (all four skills ) 
  • The 45-minute class is pretty good for children. More than that, they will be bored.
  • Sing with your students to help them improve their self-confidence and pronunciation.
  • Remember, if they trust you, you will help them better.
  • Your body language is very important. Always smile.
If you still have any problems, you could write a comment, and I'll help you out.

How to be a certified English teacher?

The certificates which are accepted globally are  TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, DELTA, ...
you must at least take one of them. I'm sure that there are many certificates, but those mentioned are the common ones.

How to take TESOL from Arizona State University, USA?

Arizona State University has made a TESOL course on Coursera which is excellent by the way.
TESOL is 8 courses. The link to the Specialization : 

If you don't have $400 to take the course, you can apply for financial aid. Coursera understands that and usually accepts students' financial aids. 

Watch my TESOL assignments (10 videos portfolio) 

Also, you can study TEFL at London Teacher Training College, TEFL is short for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, OFQUAL regulated by the UK government office

TEFL at London Teacher Training College OFQUAL regulated
TEFL at London Teacher Training College OFQUAL regulated

For more information about this course,

Click Here

Now from my 10 years of experience whether learning or teaching. There was an old way to teach English in ESL schools. Although there are lots of ways to help beginners learn vocabulary easier than the teacher-centered method. Using a dynamic lesson and many activities is useful for students to have opportunities to speak well so that they can get the jobs they wanted. Learn about learners' needs. Make the class enjoyable and full of games. Understand that a language takes time to develop. Learning phrases that are used plenty of time in daily life is good. A student must do his best on his own by practicing with other students the things they learned in lessons. This is basic and simple to implement. China has a big market than Europe in the field of language teaching. However, the restrictions in your adventure to have accreditation and good education are hard. Your certification isn't enough to get a working VISA in EFL or ESL schools.

How to choose the material?

It depends on whether you teach students from Spain or America, native or non-native speakers. Someone might say, " Are you kidding, teaching English to native English speakers?" -- I am not kidding. It's a language that has adverbs, adjectives, stories, novels, and lots of hours to learn something new. It's competitive. Now, we have lots of apps that help intermediate and beginner students process the language easier. There are lots of books online. If you are confused about what material to choose for your students, message us on Facebook at Learn Special English.

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