Online daily English Conversation Courses -Topic: stress&Schwa /ə/ with Mr.Zaki part 1

Online daily English Conversation Courses -Topic: stress&Schwa /ə/ with Mr.Zaki part 1

June 24th 2020 Online English Conversation Courses part 1 with Mr.Zaki
topic: stress
June 24th,2020
American accent and phonetics:  Schwa vowel /ə/  page 11 which is unstressed vowel sound
we took different types of stress. stress at the beginning or in the middle 

Dialogue 2-4: Calling for Help 
Dialogue 2-5: At the Supermarket 
Dialogue 2-6: Running Errands 

Grammar:  get/have+ my+noun + past participle of a verb
I'll  get my car serviced.
I'll have my car serviced.

Does the meaning change if I say I'll fix my car. 

How to suggest something?
we say  How about baking some cookies today?
Why don’t you  bake some cookies today?
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