Take the IELTS course with Mr.Zaki and get band 7+| learn English

Take the IELTS course with Mr.Zaki and get band 7+
Take the IELTS course with Mr.Zaki and get band 7+

Take the IELTS course with Mr.Zaki and get band 7+

Is it important to take IELTS? 

If you want to travel abroad as an immigrant or to study at well-known universities around the world, then definitely, you must take IELTS.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is short for : International English Language Testing System
it tests your ability to speak,write,read,and listen. It is accepted by most universities around the world.

Who can take IELTS?

anyone can take IELTS as long as he or she has a valid ID.

How much is the IELTS Course?

You can contact me to know the price through WhatsApp +201027871551

Where can I take the IELTS exam?

Two authorized centers to provide IELTS exams are IDP| Australia and British Council 

How much does it cost to register in IELTS exam? 

It depends on the centers which provide the exam. You may contact them through their official websites.

Who is Mr.Zaki?

My name is Zaki Badr.I am an online English instructor/tutor .
I am a native-like English instructor with a pure American accent.
I have been teaching English to all ages(kids,adults)  since 2011.

English teaching certificates that I got :

  •  TESOL Certificate, Arizona State University,USA, December 2018. 
  •  TEFL Certificate,TeacherRecord,China,October,2020.
  •  Write Professional Emails in English, Georgia Institute of Technology, July 14th,2018
  •   Teaching English Online given by CAMBRIDGE ASSESSMENT ENGLISH in Feb,2019.
  • IELTS Teacher Training program provided by IDP, so I know what mistakes will lower your score,and what you should to to get band 7+ and above.
My English certificates Link:  https://bit.ly/MyCertificates1


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