The werewolf and the young lady-- English short stories 2021| learn English

The werewolf and the young lady-- English short stories 2021
The werewolf and the young lady-- English short stories 2021


The werewolf and the young lady-- English short stories

"The werewolf and the young lady"

Thousands of years ago, a family named Golden, and another family named Rock, both living in Giza, the city of the pyramids, a city of thousand years of history, and a mysterious hidden creature  living in the Great pyramid of Khufu, a werewolf, he was a half-human and a half-animal. When the sunlight gleams, touches his body, he becomes a human, when it is dusk, he becomes a werewolf, the size of his body gets bigger than a wolf and smaller than a dinosaur; his hair becomes sharp like knives, his bones become stronger and can’t be broken.

The two families hated each other for no specific reason. One family was rich, they had lots of gold, castles, lands and the other one was poor, having little money to survive. This might be a reason the rich family doesn’t like the poor one. The rich family always says, ‘we are strong because of the money we have’.


They had a boy named Jason. The poor family didn’t have much money but honesty, love, kindness, and a baby girl named Julee. Julee was the same age as Jason. What a strange day that both were born on the same day. The children grew up, my children I mean Jason and Julee.  No one could even break their love apart. The man was handsome. His hair was shiny and dark. His eyes were amazing, like stars. Julee was beautiful too. She had long blond hair and green eyes. They saw each other in green, a shiny, amazing place near the river. Jason loved her like love from the first sight. She loved him too, but she didn’t show any feelings; she knew both families don’t love each other. She always rejected him with hidden tears in her eyes. John couldn’t think of any other woman but her. One day, One night, Jessy was walking by the river. She didn’t know what to tell Jason, should she keep her love inside, or show it to him. She sat on a little rock thinking about what to do until it was night, dark everywhere. The place becomes scary. The werewolf was watching her. It was unusual that he didn’t attack her while he had the chance. He was starving, though. The little human feelings which lie inside the werewolf had prevented him from killing such an innocent young lady. Whenever a werewolf bites someone, the bitten person becomes a werewolf after 24 hours. be continued

Written by: Mr.Zaki Badr
All copyrights reserved.
You're not allowed to copy it and post it anywhere else without the permission of the writer.

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