Why should I take an online English course?| learn English

Why should I take an online English course?
Why should I take an online English course?

2 reasons why you should take an online English course:

The first reason is you don't know if you're making mistakes or not; especially if your level of English is a beginner. 

Problems in learning English online that face the students:

1. listening skills are weak: 

this means when you try to listen to a song without lyrics; you don't understand anything. Furthermore, when you watch a movie without English subtitles, you feel it's really hard to catch a few phrases.

2. Reading skills are weak: 

this means when you read an article or a topic about something new, you feel bored, and can't continue because most words in the article are new to you.

3. Translation: 

Every beginner student wants to translate everything in their native language while it's so hard job for translators who have been working in the field of translation for many years. How you are supposed to do that while you're still a beginner!

The second reason is you don't know if your level is improving or not. You can't assess yourself. You need a teacher to correct your spoken or written mistakes.  

Some misunderstood concepts about learning English online:

The question is: 

should I learn British English or American English online?

learn American English online or British English online doesn't matter. what matters is you need to learn English. The differences between American or British English aren't that big to let you think about such a question.

How much time do I need to perfectly speak English?

This question may vary from one student to another based on your level of English. Let's say you're at a beginner level. Regarding CEFR 

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for describing language ability. It describes language ability on a six-point scale, from A1 for beginners, B1 intermediate, B2 upper-intermediate up to C2 for those who have mastered a language.

beginner level students need at least from 3 to 6 months to be at an intermediate level of English. The level at which they can speak and write and read with some mistakes when talking about general topics, not advanced ones.

Is Grammar really important?

Yes, it is important, but not too important. You need to learn grammar online by practicing exercises. Remember the word 'grammar' is really big. Who learns grammar a lot, becomes an English teacher. Remember learning a language isn't just grammar, but also listening, reading, and speaking skills. We need grammar mainly in written English, but it's also important for non-native English speakers to know grammar since the students who speak English around the world who are non-native English speakers are way more than English native speakers--that means you need to know grammar well to communicate with other people around you.

I am interested in an online English course, but I want it to be private (one-to-one)
you may contact us at our WhatsApp: +20 1027871551 
+20 is the country code for Egypt.

How much is the price of a course at Learn Special English?

The price will be reasonable. Ask for the price; you will see.


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