The best app for language exchange in 2021 | learn English

 The best app for language exchange in 2021

The best app for language exchange in 2021
The best app for language exchange in 2021

Here a video demonstrates 

how to use Lingbe for language exchange 

and finding a language exchange partner:

Here is why Lingbe the best app for a language exchange:

  • You can find native speakers on it
  • You can choose the language you want to learn to find native speakers using that language
  • If you're fluent in English, then make the language you want to practice, also, English. 
  • The program matches you with the ones whose language you want to learn.
  • The app has a voice call button, once you click on it-- you can find native speakers that use the language you want to learn or practice.
  • You can add friends on the app easily.
  • You can chat by text or voice with your friend in private messages.
  • Lingbe app gives you daily missions and bonus lingos to use to talk for FREE
  • I've known lots of Chinese because this is the language I am learning at the moment. Thanks to Lingbe 
  • Also, it gives you a referral code, which can be used by others to send you free lingos to be used later when you want to talk more to friends.
  • App no crashes, fast, and reliable. I definitely recommend it after using many apps like Hello Talk in which if you make your native language doesn't match your identity, the app blocks you and never even warn you. That is not a good act of Hello Talk. Lingbe does not do that. luckily, most people I have found on the app were native speakers of the language I want to practice.
  • If you have finished all your lingos, you can buy lingos and continue your talking. Or you can watch Ads (5 ads-- they give you about 20 minutes for FREE talk) 
  • You can log in to Lingbe by your Facebook account.
  • You can directly talk to Lingbe support by sending them a message.

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You may install the Lingbe app from the android play-store: click here to download it for FREE


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