online English courses in Russia

 online English courses in Russia

online English courses in Russia
online English courses in Russia

What quality of courses we provide?

Learn Special English provides the best online English courses for Russian students. Whether you're a teacher or a student in university, the English language will help you to achieve your educational goals. If you don't know the Russian language, any university in Russia asks you to have a good level--at least an intermediate level or above to join their program or programs, to study in a school or faculty.No need to waste your time searching for online English courses in Russia while we are here to help every foreign student with his master's or any studies as long as your language is good.

Do you want to join our speaking club?

We offer a good price class to study business or communication. We also offer a free English-speaking club on Zoom for those who just want to practice the language that they already know. All teachers are welcome to join.

We also provide lessons that are highly recommended. Education is important. If you are an engineer, technology development is your concern--but without a good level of language skills, you may lose massive opportunity to join the best cooperation or companies to work.

What platform we use to teach English?

We teach English on the Zoom platform. It works in all countries: Russia and China. Universities around the globe, are searching for teachers who are qualified and have taught before. Specialists with a certificate will find lots of opportunities. Graduates looking for jobs but can't find them because of languages. So, they are not happy. Other students want to take the IELTS test or language tests that prove their ability to have long communications. Advanced learners can do so. Sincerely, you need an organized course that has grammar and new vocabulary for all levels of English: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

We teach students who are in Moscow or any city in Russia. Nowadays, coronavirus has made all people who have bachelor's think again in taking courses. So, what lecturers do these days? They use innovative methods to help you improve your language. Enjoy learning with games. To make progress, you need to have a regular class, at least twice a week. Each class is an hour. So, you have the choice of choosing an individual class or group one. A lot of students have started the classes, what about you? Our teachers have helped many students that applied to our courses. They have hope. They enjoyed. Additional to this, you will receive the material for free. Avoid common mistakes in spoken and written English.

There many approaches to teaching English. We use the best one which many native speakers use in the USA. That is the communicative approach. We'll assist you with all the fundamentals leading to a higher level of the language. We use modern methods.

A global goal, main lesson in economics, or any field is useful. Learning online using MOOC sites such as Coursera isn't enough for your personal and academic future. Have fun-- eating your cookies--take your best digital, wonderful class. We teach both kids and adults based on their levels. Linguistics has lots of knowledge. Everyone has his or her own philosophy of life in success. Don't let your train of thoughts lose your confidence. If you want to be professional to be able to teach in schools in Europe, the programs we offer will help you.

we provide lots of activities. we have helped also Chinese students to have their degree by learning English. If you still have questions, you may contact us through our Facebook page, Learn Special English. Be confident and take an action.

If you are a beginner, want a native Russian teacher who can help you with English basics until you reach an intermediate level of English, and then take the course only in the English language--then you should contact Teacher Alina  WhatsApp: +373 779 57 027

online English courses in Russia
online English courses in Russia

Or you can contact Teacher Zaki Badr to improve your English. Teacher Zaki Badr knows 3 languages: Arabic, English, and Chinese.

English Teacher Zaki Badr  Learn Special English
English Teacher Zaki Badr  Learn Special English

Teacher Zaki Badr  WhatsApp +20 10 2787 1551

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