At the foot of Hermon Mountain short story for kids

 At the foot of Hermon Mountain short story for kids

At the foot of Hermon Mountain short story for kids
At the foot of Hermon Mountain short story for kids

At the foot of Hermon mountain. There is a village called Majdal Shams(shams tower). It is called the Shams Tower because the sun begins to shine from there. The landscape of this place is very green because of the cherry and apple trees that are a source of livelihood for the residents. If you visit this place, you will fill your lungs with the cleanest air in the world. People here are very polite.

One day, there was a girl living alone because her parents died when she was born. She was afraid of the world. She always stays alone. Her uncle and aunt raised her-- they couldn't leave a poor little girl to survive all this by herself. She feels happy every time she goes to Hermon Mountain and sled on the ice-- that was a time she would never forget. 

When she grew up, she tried hard to find a job to make a living--but failed because her education was at home, homeschooling. Because she and her uncle and aunt didn't have enough money to spend on her to study at big universities. So, she tries to learn everything by herself. It was such a hard time she was facing.

Once she was walking up the mountain, she saw a little boy playing on the guitar. She felt this one is going to be her future friend--she hadn't had any friends before this one. So, she approached him and said," Hi there." What are you doing? He said, " I am playing on the guitar; I like it very much; do you know how to play on it?"  "No, I do not," she said.

Every day, she goes to the same place to see this little boy playing on the guitar. She liked the music. She asked him to teach her how to play the guitar. It was a little hard at the beginning. Her smooth little fingers were not able to play from the first time. So, it took time to learn how to play the guitar.

After a few months, she got it. She began to give thanks to this little boy; she decided to earn money from music. Luckily, she had a beautiful voice. Because she was poor and shy to ask people to give her money nor her uncle and aunt, she decided to sing in the street-- waiting for someone to give her little money to spend on herself. 

It was a habit. Every day, from morning to afternoon, after breakfast, she goes to the street to sing songs with her beautiful voice--until one day, someone gave her money, good enough to buy a guitar. She smiled happily and said, "Thanks!" 

She bought a guitar the next day and started to develop this hobby. She began to sing again, not only with her voice but also with her guitar along. Until another day, the same person saw her doing that-- he gave her money and suggested she works for him at his studio because he was searching for such a beautiful voice. 

She was afraid at the beginning because she doesn't know the person, but she says, " What do I have to lose?" She was so careful that nothing bad will happen. 

She sang her first song. It was produced well and shared among many people. The money came from everywhere. She became famous. She didn't forget the little boy who taught her how to play the guitar. She went back to him; he became a man. She saw him playing on the guitar as always. She approached him slowly looking at his beautiful eyes. She cried happily because he was her source of power and energy to continue living. He was the first friend she got in this world. 

She gave him a gift to repay him a little. She knew whatever she would do would be nothing compared to what he had done to her. So, she bought an expensive guitar for him. And she sang her songs with him-- he was so happy because she appreciated him and his efforts. She offered him to work with her. 

He was anxious because he thought she might be arrogant because she's become famous. He changed his mind when she gave him the expensive gift. He liked her and she liked him.

to be continued...

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