essay about Đà Lạt -- a popular city in Vietnam

essay about Đà Lạt -- a  popular city in Vietnam

essay about Đà Lạt - a  popular city in Vietnam- learn English writing
essay about Đà Lạt -- a  popular city in Vietnam- learn English writing

 Essay about Đà Lạt -- a  popular city in Vietnam written by a Vietnamese citizen: Kally.
This essay will learn more about a popular city in Vietnam that the Vietnamese love to visit.

I have visited many places. Da Lat is the most famous place I am keen on visiting because it has many extraordinary things like weather, landscape, food and handmade products.
Da Lat is located in the highland of Lam Dong province. That is why it has good weather in autumn and winter. There is a difference in temperature between the two seasons, especially during the daytime and nighttime; we can feel warm in the daytime and cold during the night. The weather has a great advantage for growing vegetables, fruits, and especially flowers that bloom everywhere in Da Lat. It is called the City of flowers. Therefore, it has many landscapes such as Xuan Huong Lake, the flower backyard, and many impressive architectural works that are more than you can find in  Tho Lake. The best place I love is Xuan Huong Lake, located in downtown Da Lat city. There is a path surrounding Tho Lake where visitors and local people enjoy cycling, walking, and breathtaking fresh air. Many coffee shops open along that path, overlooking Xuan Huong Lake. We can find a small corner there to enjoy a cup of coffee and overlook the chilly air while chatting with our friends. Besides, Dalat is a tourist city and has many foods such as Banh Trang Nuong, Tao Hu, and BBQ, which are sold along the path of Xuan Huong Lake in the small restaurants. All specialties are concentrated on selling in the Da Lat market, where all visitors can easily find them to use as gifts for relatives and friends. The Da Lat market is also open at night, where many handmade products are sold for tourists with many colorful materials and shapes. I had the opportunity to visit a handicraft workshop. Then I saw local people make handicrafts. They carefully choose the soft fabric; then, it is cut by a different, sharp saw hand.
In conclusion, Da Lat is a place of interest that I really love. If I have free time, I will enjoy my trip again.

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