6 Tips for Employers Trying To Boost Morale and Promote Self-Care

6 Tips for Employers Trying To Boost Morale and Promote Self-Care6 Tips for Employers Trying To Boost Morale and Promote Self-Care
6 Tips for Employers Trying To Boost Morale and Promote Self-Care

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6 Tips for Employers Trying To Boost Morale and Promote Self-Care

Employers have a responsibility to create a healthy work environment for employees. It starts with offering them individual support and building on that to create a team environment. Consider these tips from Learn Special English to help you boost morale and show the employees you can about their well-being.

1. Offer Stress Management Courses

Research shows that employees can be as much as 40% less productive when stressed. Self-care activities, such as practicing stress relief, are great for the business and the workers. Offer courses for employees to learn some stress management techniques. You could also offer free yoga classes or a meditation hour at work to help relieve stress. Talk to your employees about what they do to relieve stress and try to make plans around that.

2. Make Work Schedules More Flexible

There are multiple ways to make the work week less rigid. Offer remote work for employees that could do their jobs at home. Try cutting the work week down to four weekdays or end Friday at noon. Offer extended breaks and encourage employees to completely avoid work during off-hours.

Flexible scheduling allows employees to spend more time in a healthy home environment. They can promote greater wellness at home by including more indoor plants and sunlight. Keeping home decluttered can help, too.

3. Provide a Healthy Lunch

Does your office have a kitchen area in the breakroom? Help your employees eat a healthy diet by offering them lunch free. Take polls and allow them to choose from healthy options. Keep healthy snacks available at all times. You could even offer nutrition classes at a nearby gym for interested employees.

4. Plan Fun Team-Building Events

Make company events a team-building exercise. Encourage employees to give their input about what events they would enjoy. For example, take them on a food tour of the city during what would usually be a work day. For smaller events, you could have the team work on a puzzle in the office once a week or have monthly meetings at a local restaurant. Change it up whenever possible to continuously keep employees engaging with one another.

5. Provide Resources for Mental Health

Promote mental health wellness in the office by removing the stigma of talking about mental illness. Be open about your struggles and encourage employees to do the same. Offer a list of resources when an employee mentions going through a difficult time. Encourage them to take a mental health day and speak with a professional. Telehealth platforms can typically get you in with a professional immediately, and employees can connect from anywhere, even the office. Plus, these platforms typically take insurance and cost significantly less than in-person visits. If you offer your employees insurance, do your research and try to use a provider with great mental health coverage.

6. Have Outdoor Meetings

Take your meetings outside on a beautiful day. It could be on an outdoor patio during lunch or at a table in a park. Go for walks to exercise and make the meetings less formal. Employees may feel more inclined to express their thoughts if the setting feels less official. Additionally, getting some vitamin D from the sun is great for everyone's health.

Creating a safe work environment is critical to an employer's job description. Do research and see how you can incorporate these tips into your employee engagement strategy. Don't forget to lead by example and take care of yourself.

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