short stories for upper beginners


short stories for upper beginners
short stories for upper beginners

The story above tells the tale of Mary, a kind and generous woman who overcomes financial struggles with the help of her neighbor. It touches on themes of abuse, debt, generosity, and perseverance, all while highlighting the power of community support in overcoming difficult times.

Mary was a kind and generous woman who loved to bake. She would often make her famous chocolate cake for her neighbors and friends, using high-quality ingredients such as dark chocolate, vanilla extract, and beans. One day, while baking her cake, she realized she needed more vanilla extract and beans, which were quite expensive.

Mary's neighbor, Bob, noticed that she seemed worried and asked her what was wrong. Mary explained her situation, saying she couldn't afford to buy more ingredients, as she was in debt due to her ex-husband's abuse and his failure to pay child support. Bob was shocked and saddened by Mary's story and insisted on helping her. He offered to fund her baking ingredients, saying it was the least he could do to help.

Mary was grateful for Bob's kindness, and they went to the grocery store to buy her needed ingredients. Walking through the store, they noticed a display of candles made from converted metal tins. The beautiful candles and Mary thought they would make great gifts for her friends.

However, Bob opposed the idea, saying it would only increase the mess in her house. He suggested instead that they buy a monitor to keep track of Mary's expenses and decrease her debt over time. Mary thought it was a great idea and thanked Bob for his advice.

From that day on, Mary closely monitored her expenses and slowly decreased her debt. She continued to bake her delicious cakes, using the high-quality ingredients Bob had generously funded. And as a token of appreciation, Mary would give her friends a candle made from converted metal tins, each symbol of her triumph over her past and a reminder of the kindness of her neighbor, Bob.

5 words to learn from the short story above

  1. Mary was always generous with her time, often volunteering to help her neighbors with errands and chores.
  • Generous: showing a readiness to give more of something, such as time or money, than is strictly necessary or expected.
2. Tom was in debt after borrowing money from several friends to pay his medical bills.
  • Debt: the state of owing money to someone or something, typically due to borrowing or unpaid bills.
3. The shelter took in a dog who had suffered from abuse at the hands of his previous owner.
  • Abuse: the mistreatment of someone, typically a person or an animal, that causes harm or injury to their well-being.
4. Some key ingredients in Mary's famous chocolate cake were high-quality dark chocolate and vanilla extract.
  • Ingredient: any of the foods or substances that are combined to make a particular dish or product.
5. The teacher asked the students to monitor their progress by keeping track of their grades and completing weekly check-ins.
  • Monitor: to keep track of something close to observe or regulate its progress or quality.

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