the difference between as and like


the difference between as and like
the difference between as and like

"As" and "like" are two English prepositions that have similar but distinct uses.

"As" indicates a comparison or analogy between two things and often implies a similar role or function. For example, "She works as a nurse" means that she has a job as a nurse. "As" can also indicate when something is happening, for example, "As I was walking to the store, it started to rain."

"Like" indicates a comparison or a similarity, but it is less strong than "as." For example, "She runs like a gazelle" means that she runs in a graceful, quick manner, similar to how a gazelle runs. "Like" can also be used informally to mean "similar to" or "the same as," for example, "I like pizza just like you do."

It's important to note that "as" and "like" are not always interchangeable, and using one instead of the other can change the sentence's meaning. Careful consideration should be given when choosing between the two.

examples to help illustrate the difference between "as" and "like:"

  1. "She sings as an angel." (indicates a similarity in the quality of her singing)
  2. "She sings like an angel." (indicates a comparison, but less strong than "as")
  3. "I'm studying for the exam, just as you are." (indicates a similarity in actions)
  4. "I'm studying for the exam, just like you." (indicates a comparison, but less strong than "as")
  5. "I'll be there at 8 PM, as planned." (indicates a similarity in the schedule)
  6. "I'll be there at 8 PM like we planned." (indicates a comparison, but less strong than "as")
  7. "He runs the company as a CEO." (indicates a similarity in role or function)
  8. "He runs the company like a CEO." (indicates a comparison, but less strong than "as")

In these examples, you can see that "as" is often used to indicate a more direct comparison or analogy, while "like" is used for a more casual or informal comparison.

An exercise for you to fill in the blanks using either "as" or "like."

  1. She sings __________ a nightingale. 
  2. He swims __________ a fish.  
  3. They work __________ a team.  
  4. She writes __________ a professional.  
  5. I'll be there at 7 PM, __________ we agreed. 
  6. He dances __________ a ballet dancer.  
  7. They act __________ they've known each other for years.  
  8. He speaks __________ a native speaker. 

"As" or "like" exercise answers:

  1. as
  2. like
  3. as
  4. like
  5. as
  6. like
  7. as
  8. like

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