Best Websites similar to speaking24 for practicing English 2022| learn English

Best Websites similar to speaking24 for practicing English 2022
Best Websites similar to speaking24 for practicing English 2022

Best Websites similar to speaking24 for practicing English 2022| learn English

The best websites are similar to and to find people to talk to and speak English to for free. I've found these websites below.

Remember that English courses aren't the only way to help you improve your English. If you take a lot of courses, without practicing, it will be hard to become fluent in English. So you need to practice your English with someone whose English level is at a higher level than you or maybe at the same level. 

So, after searching and searching about the best websites to find people to talk English to. I've found these websites below:

The first website is

If you have a Skype name or ID, Yahoo messenger, or ICQ, you can type them there at speaking24, where you will find other people who have the same interests as you. At 'contact', you will then see the button appears there. If you click on the Skype button, for example, you will be directed to the person's account on Skype to text or call

The second website has better functions than

At free4talk, all you need to do is to sign up first for FREE. Then use your account to sign in. If you have a google account or Gmail. You can use it to sign up and then sign in using it. You will see a lot of rooms, filled with people, who want to practice the language you want to practice. So to talk English, you need to use free4talk.To be fluent, you should speak English every day.

If you talked a lot to people, and still haven't improved in English, don't worry, you can an online English-speaking tutor, click here. In the online English course, you will find online writing skills practice through homework and feedback given by the English instructor. I only speak English to help you get the most out of the class. 

How to use free4talk, watch this video 

(follow the steps, the explanation is in the Arabic language; soon, I will upload an English version of the same video with the new updates:

English tips to improve your English speaking for free:

  • Talk and Talk English every day.

  • Find someone to talk to whether an English teacher or any English partner.

  • You don't need to wait to find native speakers to talk to, anyone with a higher English level than you, will be fine.

  • Listen to English radio every day. I would recommend you to listen to BBC radio: Click Here 

  • Learn vocabulary through pictures; put them in sentences to remember them. Look for the root of the words, for example, care, caring, carelessness,...and so on. See the words related to the same word to remember the words fast.

  • If you don't use the words you're learning, you'll soon forget them, so use them every day.

  • write the words down on a piece of paper; put them into meaningful sentences. Use them while speaking about a particular topic.

  • Find a community that likes to talk and speak free conversation. It's hard to find a native English speaker to have a no-paid conversation with.

  • You need to increase your knowledge of English and search for expressive words.
  • There is a competency when you have better English.

  • There are many apps that are paid. They are useful, too. In case, you might have some money to invest in yourself and find a foreign productive environment to talk with people that are willing to talk. The app is Lingbe. It's one of the best apps for language exchange in 2022.

  • Watch a video about how to use free4talk for a better user experience. It is above and in the Arabic language. Soon, I will make another one in English to explain how to use free4talk efficiently.

  • When talking to someone, avoid religious topics. You might find people that do scam and makes you have a high level of anxiety, while others will give you comfort. So, choose them carefully.

  • Sometimes, it's scary to talk to strangers, and I agree with you. You should write messages to get to know the person first before doing language exchanges by speaking or video calling.

  • free4talk has many language learners that want to improve their language acquisition. They are there to study and do many activities based on the tools within the website. You can share-screen or watch videos on YouTube or even teach something to students using the whiteboard.

  • So, you should ask yourself a question, what is my target when using the websites above? you should have clear directions on how to learn a second language.
  • It's really enjoyable to play language games. I forgot to say that has many language rooms, not just English, but also Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic and other potential lovely languages to learn and practice.
  • We are living in a high-tech world. You might talk to people that aren't real and have a different voice. But that's uncommon on the websites above.
  • So if you want to make friends on websites to practice your English regularly., don't be religiously biased.
  • life has many good people. Find your best language partner and put dedicated time into improving your English, for example, 15 minutes every day.
  • Sometimes, we don't have to talk about difficult topics such as literature, but informal ones will be good strategies to talk completely freer without inquiry about every new word that seems to be difficult to you because your level of English is a beginner.
  • Internet is a big server and beautiful design. Think about a good task to do every day, not trolling, but writing a piece of note to remind yourself how to be organized and find a good time to talk to people and have conversations with them.
  • The websites mentioned above have a lot of students to have a nice conversation with. Talk to them, and don't be shy.
  • Be polite while having a conversation with strangers to do a language exchange. They have an almost unique culture. So, respect that.
  • It takes time to learn a language, and language learning is a big topic to discuss online. Learning a second or third language is sometimes hard if you don't know how to study well. Learning Chinese for me was long-task to do. I like learning new things and I adore learning new languages, and I believe so do you.
  • Find a good community full of people that love learning and encourage everyone to learn new things.

Good news:

at Free4talk, they have also different rooms for other language exchange partners. That means you can practice English and also other languages as well. It's a useful and dynamic website.

Learn more about how to find people to talk English to for free:


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