Why aren't you improving in English?


Why aren't you improving in English?
Why aren't you improving in English?

For some reason, you might be still at the same level as you were before. For example, you don't read, listen, read, or write like the first time you did that. You no longer listen to radios. You no longer read short stories for kids or adults. You haven't found someone to talk to and practice what you have learned in the English language.

Let's ask answer question: 

Why it takes so long to learn a language?

A lot of non-native speakers might ask why it takes so long to learn a language. Let's simplify this into some small points.

  • How did you learn your first language or mother-tongue language? 

you learn it without effort. You enjoyed the times when you were with your parents, father, and mother. Every day, you listen to your first language. You watch TV for the latest news to know what's going on around your place where you live in.

  •   How much time did you interact with the first language?

A lot of the time, we are talking to our friends and family. We send messages through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other social apps. We even sometimes create our rules of understanding each other. That is why there are slang words in every language.

some common slang words in English aren't even written in full words, for example, TYT: take your time, GTG: Got to go, gotta go: got to go, and many other words like that.


what should I do to speak English fluently? 

This question isn't easy to answer as every student has a way of learning a language. But to make a long story short, I would like to say that you must practice speaking every day-- even for a few hours, maybe 1,2, or 3. 

And to do so, I recommend these speaking English online websites. There's also a common question that everyone asks, 

Should I speak only to an English native speaker to be fluent in English in 3 months?

The answer is --NO 
You don't have to speak only to native English speakers to be fluent. No one has become fluent in English or any other languages within 3 months--That's a lie. Don't be tricked with ads telling you so. I would never as an English teacher, tell my students, you will be fluent in 3 months. It might take at least a year or more to be fluent. It also depends on how much time you interact with the language as I mentioned before. How much you listen, read, write, and speak the English language every day.

If it's hard to find an English native speaker to practice your English with, then you can find our Online English Courses with Mr.Zaki, his level of English is native-like, has a pure American accent, and a lot of knowledge.

If you have any problems in English, write them below. We will answer you back with solutions to your problems. Thank you for reading this article about Why aren't you improving in English?

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