Fantasy Short Stories--Africa-- English short stories

 Fantasy Short Stories--Africa-- English short stories

Fantasy Short Stories--Africa-- English short stories
Fantasy Short Stories--Africa-- English short stories

Fantasy Short Stories--Africa-- English short stories

One of my dreams is to take a journey around Africa because it has a lot of varieties for tourists. You can reside in a small hut on the top of a mountain to see the green fields to relax. Also, you can go into the forest to discover rare wild animals. But a friend of mine has experienced that, so he warned me that if I travel one day, I must be cautious with wild animals because they hurt him when he was trying to touch them.

The result of that was that he bled badly. since that accident; he didn't try to touch any animal.

I said to him, if I travel, I will be aware. We continued our conversation, and he advised me to go camping to see the star which is visible to my eyes. Finally, he encouraged me to do it as soon as possible.

Why should students read fantasy short stories?

Fantasy short stories are amazing to read and enjoy. Today's fantasy short stories are about Africa.

Reading fantasy short stories will help you to increase your  English vocabulary. Fiction and fantasy short stories are beautiful, too. A lot of kids read fantasy short stories for fun. A few children don't like fantasy short stories. However, fantasy short stories make your mind think outside the box.

Science fiction short stories are interesting, too. Short stories are useful for any age. A story makes it interesting for people or kids to learn any language. This story is fantasy. It is a wonderful short story. Adults like also tales and horror stories. Some readers think stories are myths. Stories are shorter than novels. Fantasy short stories are simple and perfect for your future.

This story was published in March 2021. It's an original fantasy short story, not copied. pick up your glasses and start using your free time to read a magazine or this short story. It makes sense when you read something interesting. That is why we write stories. Also, we write series of stories. They are found on the main page. I feel happy when I write something not bad. Women and children can read.

There are many genres and different types of stories. Some users have read stories about ghosts or horror stories. Now, we need to use technology in thinking about which story suits us. We offer writing services. The genre of this story is fantasy. Fantasy short stories aren't true.

A lot of fantasy stories are easy to read. You may tell us what fantasy short stories you read in the comment below. What short stories do you like to read in the future? what short stories you may have read before?

There are many books online to read. There is a collection of short stories for free we have written on the website. You have a chance to check them right now. The story is not about a dragon. It's a brilliant and magical story. Just spend a few mins to read this magic short story below. Let's escape from our dreams and read emotional and common short stories. The story worth your time. To learn how to write short stories, you also need to write short stories.

spend your time reading the story, which is not an American story, but an African short story. Tell us what emotional impact you got. You can learn English by reading all time.

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