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 Test your English level online

Test your English level online
Test your English level online

Test your English level online
In this article, we're going  to give you links to test your English level and discuss the following questions and answer them:

  • Why should I do an English test online?

  • When should I take the IELTS exam?

  • reading test level

  • English test online

  • English grammar test

  • vocabulary test level

  • test your listening

  • how to test my English speaking level?

  • how to test my English writing level?

Why should I do an English test online?

A lot of students want to take the IELTS exam and they don't even know their level of English is appropriate for the IELTS preparation course or not. As you know, IELTS is short for International English Language Testing System. The IELTS exam was made to test your language. 

For that reason, many students have failed to achieve band 7+ and higher on the IELTS exam because they think once they finish an IELTS preparation course, they should be ready for the exam-- while they are not.

When should I take the IELTS exam?

when you do a reading test level and find out your English level is upper-intermediate or advanced. At this time, you can take an IELT preparation course through our Online English Courses that are designed to be given one-to-one to help you find your mistakes and overcome them.

How to test my English level online? 

It's very easy. To test your English grammar  check the Cambridge website below:




How to test my vocabulary, reading, and listening in English?

How to test my English speaking and writing level?

Contact us to register for your English speaking test and/or writing test. 

WhatsApp/Zalo/WeChat +20 1027871551 / +20 1220 94 2896
our Facebook page: Learn Special English 

If you want to travel abroad and be a Canadian immigrant or to do immigration to the USA, Australia, or the UK, you need to take the general IELTS test, not an academic one. Learn English with us through the following topics:

and at Learn Special English, you will find English lessons for free every day.

Mr.Zaki Badr
Mr.Zaki Badr
My name is Zaki Badr. I am an online English teacher. Contact me on WhatsApp/Zalo/WeChat: +20 1027 87 1551 I have been teaching English since 2011( to kids and adults. English teaching certificates that I got : *TESOL Certificate, Arizona State University, USA, December 2018. *TEFL Certificate, London Teacher Training College OFQUAL regulated, London, June 2021.