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Why are young people interested in Pets?


Why are young people interested in  Pets?

Why are young people interested in  Pets?
Why are young people interested in  Pets?

These days, a lot of people are interested in raising pets in their house because they live alone or they want to guard them against thieves. The pets community is huge to choose from. Some people are confused when they choose between a cat or a dog or a bird. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having pets? The advantages, for people who live alone, are spending good time with their pet or protecting them if they face any problem. Also, they may take good pictures with their dog or cat. The disadvantages of living with pets are many. If you have an active pet, who just loves to rush,  he will turn everything upside down. The cost of food is expensive. Some pets, especially cats, need special food.I have some friends who raise dogs. They trained their dogs: when they listened to their voice, they ran to them. Also, they followed the instruction that they learned. But after a long time, his dog died, and my friend became upset. We tried to take him out to make him happy. In my opinion, pets are good if the person is able to take care of them and keep them away from the guests. Some people don't like pets because they become frightened when they see them.

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Mr.Zaki Badr
Mr.Zaki Badr
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