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Discovering English Grammar book PDF By Mr. Zaki Badr

 Discovering English Grammar book PDF By Mr. Zaki Badr

Discovering English Grammar book PDF By Mr. Zaki Badr
Discovering English Grammar book PDF By Mr. Zaki Badr

A lot of English teachers may be confused about what should be taught to students about grammar. The more we read references, the more we get confused. Do we use all this grammar in our daily life? 
Actually, we do not. So, I gathered all this information that is necessary for any teachers or students. 

The book can be used as supplementary material. Use it as a reference. 

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references used:
English Grammar in USE
Oxford Guide to English Grammar 

discovering English Grammar pdf is a good book.

This grammar book has lots of lessons. It will help you to improve your language. It's a good guide. It has many rules made by common writers. I have included verbs, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs. I didn't include punctuation as I have another book that talks about this topic and another one for tenses. How to study the lesson? read one topic and review it, then go to Google and search for exercises related to the topic. You'll find lots of quizzes with answers. I focused on giving examples to simplify advanced grammar as much as I can. I also focused on grammar that is commonly used in both speaking and writing. So you will not learn old-fashioned sentences. I understand the strong need and demand for different structures. If you have any questions about the book, ask me through the numbers given in the picture above to widen your understanding of the topic and master English grammar. The content of this book is useful to beginners and intermediate-level English students.

The book focuses on elements to comprehend and need to know. It has hundreds of phrases. It's basic. By studying this book, you will enhance your knowledge of syntax and linking. You don't have to read long books unless you're an English teacher. The book includes lots of explanations that are simple and practical.

Mr.Zaki Badr
Mr.Zaki Badr
My name is Zaki Badr. I am an online English teacher. Contact me on WhatsApp/Zalo/WeChat: +20 1027 87 1551 I have been teaching English since 2011( to kids and adults. English teaching certificates that I got : *TESOL Certificate, Arizona State University, USA, December 2018. *TEFL Certificate, London Teacher Training College OFQUAL regulated, London, June 2021.