The American Accent and Phonetics Course PDF CDs download by Mr. Zaki

 American Accent and Phonetics Course PDF CDs download by Mr. Zaki

American Accent and Phonetics Course PDF CDs download by Mr. Zaki
American Accent and Phonetics Course PDF CDs download by Mr. Zaki

The American Accent and Phonetics Course helps you to improve your pronunciation by listening and repeating. It takes time to have an accent. Moreover, more practice would help you achieve your goal faster.

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English is crucial. It has 44 sounds. If you can master them online and learn how native English speakers use them, you will speak like them. That needs practice and training. People think when they study only stress their language will be improved. I would say, you need also to study intonation to improve your speaking and reading skills. A lot of students learn the technique to enhance their speech and change their accents.

Some students need confidence by watching video lessons to learn about each sound of English and continue learning all the time. Courses are useful and have helped many to do well-organized communication. You need to practice day by day and understand that to be an advanced English student and pronounce like a native speaker, takes time.

You need to enroll in a language program to correct your mistakes in pronunciation. It's not easy, but with hard work, you can do it. All languages have something in common. At each level of the course, we will study vowels and consonants. We will repeat and learn rhythm.

To have effective pronunciation, you need to focus on how your mouth spells the words. Hear well to make progress.

At Learn Special English, we have excellent teachers that teach you effectively. You will have access to our videos and PDF files. Each word of English might have specific contractions. 'I am' becomes 'I'm' in spoken English. Trainers should be specific when teaching designed lessons for accurate pronunciation at all levels. After the course, you will feel the difference. It doesn't take few minutes to speak like British or American people. It might take weeks or months or up to a year

Your sound will be natural and clearer. You'll be a real native speaker who has the ability to speak confidently. When having good listening skills, would be helping you to write sentences as well. As they say, a good listener becomes a good writer. Moreover, you need to learn about tongue twisters. An example of that, 'Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. '

You can have the downloadable phonetic course above to learn more about syllables and techniques to communicate in a confident way. 

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