English lessons for beginners| lesson 1 | numbers 1-20

 English lessons for beginners| lesson 1 | numbers 1-20

English lessons for beginners| lesson 1 | numbers 1-20
English lessons for beginners| lesson 1 | numbers 1-20

In today's English lesson, we will learn how to count the numbers from one to twenty. This lesson is for beginner students in English A1. 

Tips on how to learn English easily

If your level is beginner, these tips will be useful to you:

any language can be learned using the repetition method in which you repeat common grammar structures, phrases, verbs, and vocabulary every day. To start learning advanced words now will be not simple to make conversations using complex sentences and still you're a beginner.

You need to learn how to write sentences and questions, and how to pronounce them well. It's also important to take classes with an English instructor. It's recommended. Learning everything by yourself, you will be easily distracted. There are a lot of native speakers who speak English on YouTube. That won't work if you don't know what to learn and memorize. Should you even memorize? or it happens automatically.

Studies have shown that a young baby learns his first language takes time. The process happens automatically by listening to a huge amount of language every day. That's popular when you live in an English-speaking country. On Learn Special English website, we will help you learn the language in topics. This way increases your knowledge of prepositions, words, verbs, possessive adjectives, pronouns, tenses, and many more.

That is basic. Learning how to do a conversation on a daily basis is important and crucial. Learning only grammar rules isn't good practice. It starts with letters, sounds, then it goes to collocations and personalized lessons. There are always some exceptions. Every learner is different and unique. Therefore, making customized types of lessons is difficult. However, Mr. Zaki can do it. He will help you to talk from the first class. Building essential vocabulary for you to reach fluency is his role to help you improve and become confident.

It won't be harder anymore. You will learn the language by analyzing it-- Not just watching a movie. In the classroom, Mr. Zaki Badr will check your grammar and pronunciation mistakes. There's a plan for every student. You will receive audio files as well as PDF ones. In the course, you will learn how to reduce and enhance your accent. Learning how to write using new ideas. That's called the perfect way to become a professional confident speaker. Start taking lessons in English-- achieve your dreams.

if you are interested in taking online English lessons, you can contact us through

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